New Twilight Zone Official Trailer is Here

On April 1st, The Twilight Zone returns. Watch it on CBS All Access.

Cross over into the New CBS All Access Original Series

The Twilight Zone, is a modern take on the iconic series that took viewers to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. Academy Award winner Jordan Peele hosts and narrates the highly anticipated new series. Guest stars include John Cho, Greg Kinnear, Sanaa Lathan, Kumail Nanjiani, Adam Scott, Alison Tolman, Jacob Tremblay, Steven Yeun and more. Enter Begininng on April 1, watch it exclusively on CBS All Access.

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This new series takes off where the original series left off. The first series was created and hosted by Rod Serling. And Episodes were based on fantasy, SyFy, suspense, horror, and psychological thrillers. Most shows ended with a completely unexpected outcomes which most of the time contained a moral to that story.

Watch the Trailer for The New Series Which Begins in April

Before entering The Twilight Zone on April 1, watch the official trailer now – only on CBS All Access. Try 1 week FREE!

Here is an Full Episode You Can Watch From the Original Twilight Zone Series

This will give you an idea of what the new series in April should be like. Undoubtedly, the TV series will follow the same storyline as the original in a more modern setting.

Watch All 5 Previous Seasons on Prime Video

The original series aired from 1959 to 1964 and it played on CBS. When the new series airs, it should be much nicer to watch in full HD on a large screen TV.

Rod Sterling will be missed as he really helped make the show what it was. And Jordon Peele has some pretty large shoes to fill. Hopefully, the new reboot edition will be a big success like the original Twilight Zone series was in its day.

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