Spectrum TV Customers Offered Sports Programming Credit

While Spectrum TV customers spent much of 2020 without the majority of Sports programming due to COVID. Their bills were not any lower.

Spectrum decided to offer a refund for something they were paying for but were no longer getting. While there were still some older games shown. The lack of content from college and professional sports teams is the reason for the rebate.

How Much Is the Spectrum Refund?

Before you get too excited, the money they are offering their customers is not going to make a significant difference in anyone’s home budget.

Next month subscribers will receive a $17.73 credit on their February 2021 bill.

Which Spectrum TV Customers are Eligible?

Only active customers who subscribed on or before July 31, 2020 will be eligible to receive a credit from Spectrum.

But TV Essential package subscribers are not eligible. Because this package does not contain sports channels.

February bills will come with the following message: Due to the temporary COVID-related shutdown of sports in 2020 and the resulting reduced sports programming, this billing statement includes a one-time credit of $17.73.


If you don’t have Spectrum and are looking for another alternative to watch sports, check out this long list of Sports and News channels available to watch on Roku.

Until COVID restrictions are fully lifted, you may not have much luck with finding current sports content on these channels either. But at least it won’t cost an arm plus a leg each month to subscribe.

Sports packages can add considerably more to the cost of a cable TV package, and this small refund from Spectrum won’t have you dancing in the street.

If watching sports is not that important. The real savings can be had when you cut the cord altogether and go with Free or alternative live streaming cable channels.