Roku Number One Streamer in Mexico

In a recent survey, of 2,534 respondents that measured the numbers of hours users streamed TV content. Roku was number one in Mexico.

Per Arthur van Res VP Roku International:

“We are proud to be the #1 TV streaming platform in Mexico. And that is thanks to the consumers who have enjoyed our streaming players over the past six years. Our Roku TV partners that chose to build TVs using Roku’s operating system, our retail partners for working with Roku to showcase our products to consumers. And our content partners that have worked with Roku to bring their entertainment to our users,” Arthur van Rest, vice president of International at Roku. 

Roku is also a popular streamer in the USA as well with millions of active users. It’s a popular choice for a media streamer because their platform is easy to use for those that may be new to TV streaming.

With a vast selection of television content available on their platform. Including Adult content. They can currently can be added private channels, or cast directly from websites through AirPlay or Screen mirroring. It’s no wonder they continue to outperform competitors like Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Their Roku Channel remains a popular destination for streaming free movies and shows. And the company has plans to spend a bunch of money to develop more original content for this free streaming service.

Popular Media Streamers Roku vs Apple TV vs Android

If you are looking for a media streamer, it’s important these days not to lock yourself completely onto one platform. All media streaming platform offers pros and cons. And now it’s more important than ever to have access to multiple platforms to enjoy a wider range of TV content.

Find which media streamer is best for your needs. Have a look at the Media Streamer | Decider.

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Roku OS 9.1 Coming to a Roku Player Near You

As Roku OS 9.1 is rolling out, big changes are on the way!

OS 9.1 Developer Notes and Changes

Today the latest Roku operating system update has begun. And over the next several weeks most standalone Roku players will receive this latest software update OS 9.1.

Roku Smart TVs, will not receive this latest update until early summer.

It’s really just luck of the draw when your particular device may be updated. Sometimes, simply going to settings/system and forcing an update may speed up the process.

OS 9.1 brings about some important changes for not only end users of the Roku platform. But also for Developers who must meet new guidelines for their channels.

Roku OS 9.1 Now Offers Universal Sign-On

The biggest change will come for developers of larger Network TV channels that used to send users to external web page to sign-up for a channel. Now these channels must allow users to sign-up or cancel their subscription right from with-in the Roku platform.

This is effective immediately and will allow for a more seamless user experience.

Automatic Account Linking

This is one of the most useful updates. And with OS 9.1 needing to re-enter most channel passwords when you link a new Roku to your account will soon be a thing of the past.

Automatic Account Linking knows it’s you from a prior login on another Roku device and all your channels will instantly become authenticated.

No more adding in all those boring codes on different websites for each channel everywhere app. And this will make owning a Roku media player much more pleasant.

Enhanced Voice and Search

Another thing Roku did with this update is make it easier to find free content. And much of this content is weighted towards their Free Roku Channel. Moving this content up higher in the search results than the same free content that may be found on other channels.

In the future this Free channel from Roku will take on a larger role and become an even more important part of their platform. Eventually all subscription channels will need to be signed up from and accessed through The Roku Channel.

This will enhance further Roku’s advertising revenue flow. And this is what will keep the company stay profitable and help them stick around for a long time to come.

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TV Everywhere Channels By Platform

TV Everywhere Channels On Four Popular Streaming TV Platforms

With a supported media streamer, much of the same content on Cable TV can also be watched on these channels. And there are no extra box rental fees. These channels offer both Live TV and on-demand content.

Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV or XBOX One all offer these channels. Watching Live Content requires a subscription to a satellite or cable TV account.

Watching on demand content does not require a cable subscription. And most of these channels offer free content to watch.

Watch live Cable TV Everywhere channel with a cable TV provider account. And with selected media streamers there are No additional monthly fees. DirecTV, Dish or cable TV all require a rented box for each TV. Although, this costs an extra monthly rental fee on top of a cable TV subscription. After a while, these extra month fees really start adding up.

A media streamer is free to own. With the exception of any paid streaming TV channel which charges a monthly fees.

Android Streaming Channels that Offer Free Content

Note: TV Everywhere apps are available to download on these devices. And a a subscriber provider plan allows full channel access. Because not all providers provide access to every app on every plan and each provider may allow different content. Also, check TV providers for all available TV Everywhere apps.

This Spreadsheet Lists All The TV Everywhere Channels

Here is a great online spreadsheet. And it lists all the channels which have cable TV content on 4 popular streaming devices. All the Cable TV Everywhere channels that are available on Roku, AppleTV, Fire TV and XBOX One are on this sheet.

View the Full Spreadsheet Here

Add Cable Channels To Roku

Roku offers a long list of cable channels. And once added from this list these channels can be watched free on Roku. Because no cable box rental fees are required to use a Roku or other supported media streamer to watch these channels.

Cable TV Channels List

100 Live Channels


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