Streaming Comparison Chart for Live TV Channels

When comparing live TV channels online, a streaming comparison chart is just the ticket.

Needing to search through each providers channels list one at a time on various websites is not easy.

So whenever a cord cutter takes their time to build something as cool and helpful as this spreadsheet, it deserves to be shared.

Now that PlayStation Vue has called it quits, here is another good streaming comparison chart that compares all of today’s most popular live TV services. And it can help you find which streaming service offers the channels you just can’t live without.

Compare Live Streaming Services in Three Separate Categories

This chart lists channels by three categories.

  • Entertainment Channels
  • News Channels
  • Sports Channels

Live Streaming TV Comparison Chart Streaming Services Listed

The following live TV streaming services are all listed on the spreadsheet. And you can get a free trial to any of them by clicking on their names below.

Compare DVR Plans Carefully

Something else to think about. When choosing a plan the DVR can be just as important as the channels that are included.

Because with Live cable TV channels, commercials are still part of the deal. And a good DVR can make the difference between skipping past them quickly and efficiently or being forced to still watch them on certain channels. This DVR Guide can help make it a little easier to see the difference between them.

View the Streaming Comparison Chart

This is a spreadsheet on Google Drive. It is read only so you won’t be able to make any changes to it. But it will give you a great high-level snapshot of what each service currently offers. And help you make a better decision on which streaming TV service to try.

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Channel Surfing for Cord-Cutters

Media Streamers and Streaming TV Services With the Best Channel Surfing Experience

Channel Surfing is something former cable or satellite subscribers loved to do. And this is something that’s often missed when cutting the cord. And many new cord cutters look for ways to do this on a media streamer.

Surfing through Live TV channels on a media streamer is not always easy. But it’s something that often needs to be done. Especially when elderly streamers live in the household. Because they can easily become confused with complicated menus, channels, and apps.

Choosing the right streaming service along with a media streamer that can duplicate a cable or satellite box can be extremely important.

Best Media Streamers and Live TV Services for Channel Surfing

When it comes to Live TV, not all services offer easy to navigate channels and menus. Here are the best apps and media players that can make surfing through the channels and menus easy and fast.

  • DirecTV Now while not always the most popular, is one of the better streaming services for flipping through Live TV channels.
  • Play Station Vue channels can be saved as favorites. And then surf quickly through this list with the remote.
  • YouTube TV is another great live streaming service for channel flippers. Organize the channels in any order. And then quickly flip through the channels on that list.


The Best Media Players for Channel Surfing

Several things can help greatly speed up changing channels. A fast Internet connection and powerful media player hardware.

These media streamers offer the best hardware to make zipping through the channels much faster.

  1. Apple TV 4K Latest Version
  2. Nvidia SHIELD
  3. Roku Ultra
  4. Roku Streaming Stick +
  5. Fire TV Streaming Stick 4K

Currently, these are the best media players available that offer the fastest processors. And they all work great with the top Live Streaming TV services.

The Apple TV 4K and Nvidia SHIELD have a CPU that is much faster and more powerful than both Roku and Fire TV.

Using a Roku is the easiest especially for less Technical users in the household. And when it comes to Channel Surfing, all these media streamers do a great job.

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