Free Streaming Channel Tubi TV Adds Original Content

A Free Streaming Channel with tons of ad-supported movies and TV shows is a very popular alternative to paid subscription channels like Netflix or Hulu. And Tubi TV a top free channel is one of the best for the wide range of content they offer.

At last count, Tubi has over 23,000 video titles in their huge library. And just recently they announced they are looking at adding even more content as well. But this won’t be content that every other streaming service has to offer.

Fox Corp. which bought Tubi for 440 million dollars is looking at expanding its platform to offer more than older movies and reruns of popular TV shows. That is bound to increase Tubi’s popularity even more. The free streaming channel has already earned 33 million loyal viewers, and with the addition of unique content, and this number could rise significantly higher.

Profits have also been through the roof. Last year in 2020, the company earned over $300 million on advertising alone.

People are drawn to the big names in streaming television for the uniqueness of their content. They want new and exciting content to watch. And Tubi by offering this type of content would make it even more attractive to cord-cutters on a budget. By offering cord-cutters and TV streamers a less expensive alternative to the largest names in the industry. Along with their ever-increasing monthly fees.

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In a recent investor’s conference, Tubi’s CFO Steve Tomsic brought up the idea of adding more original content to their platform. But it would not be as costly as the content shown on some of the other paid streaming companies.

“It’s often these really cost-effective titles that a lot of the viewership resides in”

Steve Tomsic Tubi TV Chief Financial Officer

But just because a show or movie does not cost a small fortune to make does not mean it won’t be equally as good. We have seen some extremely low-cost movies made that rival some films that cost many more times to create. And they are equally every bit as entertaining.