Filelinked Sideload Apps on Android and Fire TV

Forget Adding Apps One at a Time! Simply download Filelinked and add apps directly to your Android or Fire TV media streamer.

\\\ Find More Great Android TV Apps and Channels!

Filelinked is the Best Way to Sideload Apps to a Fire TV

If you own an Android or Fire TV media streamer. Chances are at some point you will want to add apps other than what are found in the Google Play or Amazon Store.

You see, the best apps for streaming TV are not always found in the official stores. It’s because many of these apps offer free movies and other content but we have to warn you it’s not always from legal sources.

Sure you can search online and download Android apps one at a time from various sites, but a Filelinked store has hundreds of apps already included.

So it’s as easy as scrolling down a long list of apps and choosing the ones to download directly to your device. And some even have the ads already disabled.

How Does Filelinked Work?

  • Download the Filelinked app onto your device.
  • Add the code to the Filelinked store and the provided pin if needed.
  • Scroll through the list of apps and download tons of great apps to your Android phone or media streamer.

Then enjoy watching a ton of free TV!

How to Add Filelinked to a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

Since a Fire TV is more locked down than a regular Android box. This is a more in depth guide how to add Filelinked to a Fire TV.

  • Go to the menu and click on Settings
  • Select My Fire TV or Device
  • Click “Developer Options”
  • Select “Turn On”
  • Now that Downloader has been blocked from Google Play Store and on Amazon here are some other alternatives to use instead. Try downloading Filelinked from APK Pure. Or Use APK Mirror to download apk files directly from a web browser on your Fire TV or Android devices.
  • Download FileLinked apk and then Click and install the FileLinked App
  • Go back to Fire TV home screen and go to “Your Apps and Games”
    Scroll to the right and select “See All”
  • Navigate to the FileLinked icon
    Select “Options”
  • Click “Move to Front”

After the Filelinked apps has finished installing, then run the app and go to the Main Screen. This is where you can enter a FileLinked store code. And this is where you will be able to find a long list of apps to choose from.

Then you can download any app directly to your Fire TV with the least amount of aggravation.

Filelinked is really the easiest way to find and download the best apps for Android and Fire TV.

Best Filelinked Store

While there are many Android user building Filelinked stores, which is really nothing more than a collection of apps on a server. You simply enter the code to the store and then the pin.

One of the Best File Linked Stores Available Right Now is This One:

CODE: 22222222 Pin: 4754  THIS IS NOW GONE


Three of The Most Popular Streaming APKs

Once you add the filelinked store, you will have tons and tons of files to choose from. Here are the top downloaded and best streaming APKs for Free Movies and TV shows.

Best Free Android TV Apps You Can Add Here

Nine Awesome Free Android TV Apps

Free Android Apps For Phones, Tablets or Media Players

This is a great list of Free Android TV apps that you can watch legally. Even though they contain ads, these are some of the best Best Free channels available.

Even if you watch content on Android from other sources like Kodi. Don’t miss out on trying these awesome apps for watching some unique content including live TV channels.

These apps are all available on Apple and Roku Media Streamers. You can visit any of these apps web page, by clicking the name of the app in their description.


This is the new Free ad-supported channel from Amazon which offers a nice selection of content. It has it’s own Android App and also one available on Fire TV and Roku. – Add IMDb FREEDIVE Android App

Internet Archive

This app gives you access to a ton, of classic TV shows and moves. The Internet Archive mission statement is “universal access to all knowledge.” And they are not kidding. Anything up to 1941 is now copyright free and in the public domain. On this channel you can find animation, cartoons, silent movies and much more. – Add Internet Archive Android App

Pluto TV

This Pluto TV is almost like having a Free cable TV subscription on your Android media player or phone. And with a nice grid style guide and tons of channels for a moment it almost feels like you may still have cable. There is quite a lot to watch and it will soon become a favorite Android TV App. Don’t miss out! – Add Pluto TV Android App


Another new Android App STIRR gives you access to a lot of great Free content like Pluto TV. Owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, this live streaming app offers national news, movies and local content. And they plan on adding 50+ networks by the end of the year. – Add STIRR Android App

Tubi Free Movies and TV

Another great free app on Android and other media players Tubi contains a long list of movies and TV series. They also have a special section that has some pretty racy adult movies. To find it skip down to the bottom of the list and look for the After Hours category. – Add Tubi Android App

Sony Crackle

Another great free ad-supported app with full uncut Hollywood movies. Sony Crackle not only has popular movies, they also have original series you won’t find on other channels. – Add Sony Crackle Android App


Owned by Walmart, VUDU rents newer movies and shows. The cool thing is they also have a nice free section which contains a rotating mix of popular movies like The Matrix and other great titles. – Add the VUDU Android App


Another app like Pluto TV, xumo offers the same cable like grid guide to watch a long list of channels from within the app itself. This app offers LIVE and on-demand streaming channels with a nice mix of news, sports highlights, recipes, and music stations. – Add XUMO Android APP 


One of the most popular apps on Android, YouTube has a massive amount of free content. There are even One HUNDRED Free Full Length movies which they update with new content quite often. And the YouTube App works on all media streamers except on Amazon Fire Devices. There is a work around just download the Dolphin browser on Fire TV and use it to access YouTube instead. – Add YouTube Android App


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