Easy Way to Cancel Netflix

While Netflix is still one of the best streaming TV services for the money. Eventually, for whatever reason you may decide to cancel Netflix.

Here’s a simple way to discontinue service. And it just takes a few minutes.

One great thing about streaming TV services, is there are no long term commitments. Stopping or starting a service can be done anytime with no early cancellation or startup fees.

How To Cancel or Downgrade Netflix in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Click the red Sign In button in the upper right corner to log into your Netflix account. You can’t cancel from a Roku and must use a Web browser on a PC or another device.

Step 2. After logging on, click on your primary main Netflix profile if you setup more than one. In the upper corner click the profile image or downward pointing arrow. And then choose and click on Account.

Step 3. Then click the Cancel Membership Button we highlighted in orange.

You’ll have one more chance to change your mind or downgrade to a less expensive plan. Otherwise, click the blue Finish Cancellation button a final time and your Netflix subscription will expire on the date shown.

To resubscribe, just visit https://www.netflix.com to sign-up again for another subscription. They may even offer another month trial free.

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