Lower Your Cable TV Bill With These Tips

Are you spending too much every month and looking for ways to lower your cable TV bill?

We’ll show you the best ways to reduce your monthly bill and have extra money left over to spend on other more enjoyable things than paying for an expensive cable TV subscription. Month after month…


How to Lower Cable TV Bill that Keeps Increasing Every Year

The worst part about being a cable TV customer is that your bill never stays the same price for very long. It’s not uncommon for cable customers to pay double and even triple from when they started out in just a few years.

The cable TV industry has been very stingy when it comes to offering long term customers discounts on their bills.

Many customers fed up with the lack of promotions available to them even after being with their providers for many years. Simply cancel their TV service and chose less expensive streaming solutions.

With the huge amount of lower cost streaming channels now available, it’s easier than it’s ever been to lower your cable TV bill.

But if you really don’t want to dump your cable TV provider, there are still some easy money saving tips you can use which can lower your monthly bill by a lot.

Demand a Discount – CATV Tip #1

Don’t take no for an answer. When asking a customer service rep, (CSR) for a discount and they tell you sorry, go pound sand. Don’t just get mad and hang up. Ask for their supervisor or a Customer Retention Specialist. A (CRS) has additional authority to offer additional discounts and savings a normal CSR does not.

If a CRS is not available, simply ask to speak to their manager or supervisor. Try to remain extremely patient, and if the next level of support won’t or can’t help you then you know you their hands may have been tied.

Should this not work, try calling at another time of day.

To extract further savings from your monthly cable bill. And nothing worked to have them give you a discount. It’s time to dump them for real and sign-up again under the name of a spouse or significant other. They will then qualify for a one year new customer discount. Which can be a rather significant savings until the promotion runs out.

Then a year later, simply sign back up under your name and continue to enjoy new customer savings.

Dump Extra Cable or Satellite Boxes – CATV TIP #2

Chances are if you’ve subscribed to cable or satellite, they made you rent receivers or cable boxes for every TV you own.

If you own more than one television, these fees can add up fast. The best approach would be to dump all your extra receivers except for one main TV.

The rental fees alone can add a significant cost to a monthly bill. But you will need to buy a media streamer for each TV that no longer has a receiver. But once you add a Roku, Apple TV or Nvidia SHIELD, you can then add these cable anywhere channels and use your same cable TV account user info to login and authorize live cable channels on each of the additional media streaming devices.

Reduce Your Current TV Subscription Package – CATV TIP #3

Downsizing your current television subscription as much as possible by taking advantage of Free streaming channels, Free trials, and special promotions.

Often when new streaming channels launch they offer a limited promotion for new subscribers. These can offer some excellent savings and some will last for many years.

Three are so many free ad-supported streaming TV channels available now that you may find yourself watching less and less cable TV.

Even if you can’t quit your current TV provider cold turkey. Downsizing your subscription as much as possible and supplementing it with on-demand streaming apps can make it a lot easier to quit in the future.

Use FREE Trials and Channels for a Lower Cable TV Bill

Apps like these, are Free on many streaming platforms. Also, there are many Free trials from streaming TV providers which can provide many hours of free entertainment without cable.

Don’t Miss These TV Streaming and Cord Cutting Tips

Best Roku Adult Channels

Cord-Cutters To Overtake Cable Subscribers by 2020

By the end of this year, 33% of U.S. households will be cable TV free!

Cord-cutters have voted with their wallets and determined that streaming TV from the Internet is a much better deal. And skinny bundles from cable TV provider while cheaper, still don’t offer enough value to make up the difference.

2020 will be an interesting year for cord cutting. Disney will have its new service up and running. And for the first time cord cutters and cord nevers will outnumber cable TV subscribers,

How Did We Get Here?

The cord-cutting revolution began in earnest around 2010. What began as a trickle of dissatisfaction with cable TV turned into a torrent. And once a huge monopoly, the cable TV industry has slowly been brought to their knees. Faster Internet broadband speeds helped bring about this change. As did the invention of low-cost media streamers like the Roku and Fire TV.

Cable TV and satellite customers discovered they could save a bundle of cash every month. Simply by cutting the cord and by changing the way they watched TV. And from that moment on it was game over for big cable.

Best Media Players For Cord-Cutters

Today cord cutters have three good choices when it comes to popular media streamers.

  1. 1. Roku media streamers continue to be extremely popular for their long list of Free channels. Paid subscription channels, and popular private adult channels. Best Roku Model: Roku Ultra
  2. 2. Amazon’s Fire TV has also become very popular, mainly because it can be used to watch Kodi. And other apps can be side-loaded to watch free TV. Best Fire TV Model: 4K Fire TV Streaming Stick
  3. 3. Nvidia SHIELDs also remains a popular option for many due to its incredible performance. It can be used for not only watching movies and TV shows but also used to play Android games or as an emulator for many other legacy game boxes. It runs Plex and Kodi perfectly. Best SHIELD Model: Nvidia SHIELD TV Gaming Edition

Best On-Demand Streaming Services for Cord-Cutters

  1. 1. Netflix continues to be the number one most subscribed streaming TV service. They have a mind-boggling amount of content which includes many original TV shows. They are a binge watchers delight and it will take a long time to run out of great shows to watch. Here are the top 100 shows and new movies streaming on Netflix.
  2. 2. Amazon Prime Video is also catching up also with a lot of great on-demand TV series. Prime video is included, with an annual prime subscription which also included free shipping on a lot of items purchased on Amazon. Plus other perks like Amazon Music and Audiobooks. Try Prime for One Month Free!
  3. 3. Hulu has also been getting better. Especially since when many of the others raised their prices recently, Hulu has tried hard to keep their cost down and even offered an incredible deal earlier this year for new subscribers. They offer a lot more current shows that can be viewed typically the next day. Or with a few shows a week later. Check out the Top Nine Shows and Movies Playing on Hulu.

Live Streaming For Cord-Cutters

While many cord cutters are perfectly content to give up Live TV. Some still need to watch their favorite shows or sports. And there are also plenty of options available.

With popular subscription Live Streaming TV services like Philo, PS Vue, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and YouTube TV which can be had for much less than the cost of cable TV or Satellite. Most all these also include a cloud DVR so you can still skip commercials and binge watch your favorite shows.

Then there is also the dark side of streaming TV with live IPTV channels which can be found from various free and paid services on the net.

Watch FREE TV From An Antenna

The humble TV antenna is still working to watch some great network HD channels for free.

Watch local content from affiliate stations like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS, The CW, and More… Click here for a picture perfect antenna installation

Bottom Line – Cord Cutting is Here to Stay

Once you have committed to cutting the cord, it may take a while to develop new habits. The good news is there is no right or wrong approach.

With so many options available, no matter which streaming TV services one uses. The overall volume and quality of content will be much better than what cable TV providers can offer.

Being able to choose what and when to watch from a huge library of content is pretty amazing in itself. And paying even less for this privilege make it even better.

More Resources for Cord-Cutters

Check our footer on the bottom of this page for links to some really great cord-cutting groups we started. These are excellent resources for helpful tips, new channels, and apps, streaming TV services plus much more.

Hang out with us and other friendly cord-cutters who all enjoy the awesome benefits cutting the cord has to offer.

Once you’ve made the decision to be free of big cable and their constant commercials, price increases and poor customer service. You will enjoy watching TV in an entirely new way.

In the end, it will not only save you money. It will make you much happier as well. Peace and love and please don’t forget to share!


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