Best Roku Porn Channels to Watch on Roku!

For watching adult movies, the sheer number of hidden Roku porn channels available on Roku sets it apart from pretty much any other media streamer. This makes Roku The Best Media Streamer for Watching Porn!

The days of renting adult movies from shady backrooms at your local video store are long gone. Now your TV along with a Roku media streamer is your ticket to an extensive library of adult films that you can stream anytime in the privacy of your own home.

With thousands of full length XXX movies to choose from, either in HD and now often in 4K and VR!

Don’t bother searching for Adult channels in the Roku Channel Store on your Roku, because you won’t find them. This was by design, because Roku mandated Adult channels may only exist as private channels on their platform. But Private Roku channels are still easy to add from direct “Add Channel” links or with private Roku channel codes.

All models in the following channels were at least 18 years old when filmed or photographed. The corresponding channel developers keep records, and more information is on their websites.

By adding these Roku channels, you must be an adult 18 years or older if you wish to view such material. 

  1. 1. Adult Empire Unlimited – offers one of the most extensive Roku Porn channels available. Their library of full uncut films is massive. They often refer to this channel as the Netflix of Porn. At last count, they offer an unmatched count of More Than 100,000 Movies & More Than 420,000 Scenes! Add Adult Empire Roku Channel

  2. 2. SugarInstant – has thousands of XXX movies available for streaming. Pay a low monthly fee, or even lower annual fee, and you watch as many adult movies as you want without limits. They also have a Pay Per View option to only pay for on demand. At one time, SugarInstant had the largest Adult DVD rental business available online. They have a Free unlimited 5/day trial to see everything this channel offers. Try a Free Trial!

  3. 3. VideoBox – is another popular Adult Roku channel. They also offer a free all you can watch 7/day trial. This gives you full access to their Roku channel and all their content. Their channel also has full-length HD movies featuring today’s hottest porn stars. Don’t miss the A-Z Porn Star Gallery when visiting the VideoBox website. This will show you pictures and trailers of every movie your favorite porn stars ever made. Get a Free 7/day Trial

  4. 4. Bang! – Is a newer Roku porn channel that has gained a large following. This channel also offers many great porn videos to watch on your TV in full HD and also in 4k. They offer a Free 2/day trial to Bang Prime. Prime lets you download any video on their site to add and keep in your own personal porn library forever. Take a Tour of Bang!

  5. 5. Hustler’s Barely Legal – Hustler while known for their hardcore porn magazine also offers several Adult channels on Roku. This channel features mainly sexy younger 18+ stars. Stream hundreds of uncut Hustler’s XXX HARDCORE HD movies. With this channel like the others here, you can stream as many adult movies as you want with no limits. Try it Now!

  6. 6. Score TV – They make it easy to stream porn on your TV with your Roku media player. You can choose from their extensive list of full-length XXX amateur, mature, MILF, and more adult movies. This channel is also home to their ever popular Big-Boob and Huge Tit movies. Visit ScoreTV

  7. 7. Naughty America – Is another popular Adult channel on Roku. They offer some creative ways to pay for membership, which includes PayPal, Crypto or trading them your unused gift cards. While they currently don’t offer a free trial. They let you try their channel for less than $2 for 3/days. Check out Naughty America

How to Remove Roku Porn Channels

There may come a time that you may want to remove channels you no longer watch. Removing channels from Roku is easy. Just press the [ * ] button on your Roku remote. This will pop up a menu, which lets you quickly delete the channel from your account.

Reminder: Any channel you add to your Roku is also added to every Roku under your account. For watching adult channels, it’s best to keep the Roku model you used to watch these channels under its own Roku account. This way other family members who should not have access to these channels won’t have them installed on their device.

Some Adult channel providers offer discrete app icons. It’s also a good idea to use them but still keep your Roku linked to its own account.

WAIT THERE ARE MORE ADULT CHANNELSSee the extensive full list of Adult Roku Porn Channels here!

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This page has 1900+ Private Roku Codes listed, along with step-by-step instruction on how to add private channels to your Roku. It will help you find more great Roku channels for your Roku that you may otherwise miss.

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Porn on Roku? Best XXX Adult Channels

These are the Best Channels for Watching Porn On Roku!

Here’s How to Watch Hidden Adult Roku Streaming TV Channels


Roku is the Best Media Player For Streaming Adult Movies

Before we could watch Porn on TV, we had to subscribe to adult movie channels on cable or satellite. Or you needed to make a trip to the local video store to rent movies from a grungy back room.

But Roku changed all that. And the selection of adult films is off the charts. Using a long list of private adult Roku channels now you can watch hours of adult entertainment from the privacy of your home.

And these cost a lot less than porn channels found on cable or satellite TV. Plus, some adult channels even offer free previews, trailers or even Full Unlimited Access for a limited period of time.

This Adult TV channels guide makes it very easy to find and add secret Roku Porn channels. So it’s easy to watch them on any TV using a Roku media player.

Adult Roku channels offer tons of streaming TV x-rated content. Much more than what is available on cable or satellite TV.

These channels are commercial free, and you can stream as much as you want for as long as you want without limits.

That’s why Roku always was and still is the best media streamer for watching porn on your big screen TV.

These are some of the Hottest Adult Apps to Watch Porn On Roku

Click buttons for more info:

Here’s How to Add Private Adult Channels, and how to hide porn on Roku from Younger Family Members.

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Roku Adult Channels Exposed

Hidden private Roku Adult Channels, is something most Roku owners don’t even know exist to watch on Roku.

There is also a nice collection of private channels that feature X-rated adult entertainment that can be added and watched on pretty much any Roku media player.

These premium private channels contain tons of full-length adult movies and scenes in HD and 4K. They are all high quality channels built every bit as nice as popular commercial channels like Netflix, Hulu or Prime Video.

But since nudity and adult content is not allowed in Public Channels. These are only available to be added to your Roku as private channels.

For a full guide on how to add private Roku channels: See this page

Roku Adult Top 10 Channels

These are some of the most popular adult Roku channels based on traffic and hours streamed on the Roku platform. So if you want a lower cost alternative to watching porn on cable, have a look at some of these top ranked adult channels.

  1. AdultEmpire Unlimited (Huge Library of Content)
  2. SugarInstant (Free 5/day Trial)
  3. Bang! (Don’t Miss This one)
  4. VideoBox (Free 7/day Trial)
  5. Hustler’s Barely Legal
  6. Score TV
  7. Hustler’s Forbidden
  8. ExXxtasy (All Movies in HD)
  9. Naughty America
  10. Helix Studio (Gay)