How To Reset a Nvidia Shield Remote Control

Here’s How to Reset a Nvidia SHIELD Remote that’s acting up

Sometimes the remote’s bluetooth settings can become corrupt which can make the SHIELD remote inoperable or cause some functions to stop working

The SHIELD is an amazing media streamer that works awesome for Kodi and pretty much any other media streaming service. And with many other Android media streamers, often the remote is the weakest link. Use this process to reset a SHIELD remote if it starts acting up.

Reset a Nvidia Shield Remote

1 Reset a Nvidia SHIELD remote control by holding the back button and the home button together at the same time for around 15 seconds. These are the two buttons highlighted in green as shown in the photo above. This will hard reset the remote control.

2 Then on your Nvidia SHIELD Go to Settings (This is the gear icon in the top right corner) Scroll down to ->Apps -> Then System Apps ->Bluetooth. Force stop the Bluetooth app. Then click Clear Cache and Data and finally restart the Nvidia SHIELD under the gear icon.

3 Finally, the Remote needs to paired once again. To Re-pair the SHILED Remote make sure the SHIELD  is on the the Home Screen. And the photo below shows the both the Nvidia SHIELD home screen and also the settings Gear icon.

Pairing The SHIELD Remote

Hold the SHIELD remote control close to your Nvidia SHIELD. (Within a Foot.) And then Press and hold the Select button on your remote until the remote light flashes.  This is the (Round Center Button at the top highlighted in green).

Depending on which Remote you have, it comes either with rechargeable batteries or user replaceable batteries. Both the first generation and Pro SHIELD models use rechargeable batteries.

If your remote has a headphone jack it is the USB chargeable remote. And when the microphone button flashes green this means the remote has successfully paired and pairing is complete.

The 2nd generation SHIELD remote uses CR2032 replaceable batteries.

Pairing this remote works the same way except the remote indicator light is a small blue light located at the top of the remote.

The SHIELD remote should connect after a few moments. If pairing did not complete,  try going into the settings menu again on the Home Screen and scroll down to manual pairing.

If the LED does not flash, please charge or replace the batteries and try again.

Short Remote Battery Life

If the SHIELD Remote control batteries keep dying quickly, here is a tip to make them last longer. The remote has an energy saver sleep function. And this is used to preserve battery life.

When watching TV, holding the remote will not let it sleep. And it’s better to set it down when not using it. This enables the sleep function eliminates the need to replace batteries. Batteries on the current non-pro model are replaceable.

To replace the batteries, click the little indent on the bottom of the remote with a pen. And this pops out a little try with two coin size CR2032 batteries.

Buy Extra Batteries on Amazon

Hardware Fix For Laggy SHIELD Remote

Some users are reporting laggy remote behavior when 5 or 6 feet away. Here is a reported fix that has made the remote much more responsive. Caution: This requires opening up the SHIELD and doing minor surgery with a soldering iron. Proceed here with caution.

SHIELD Remote Tips

Use this chart to learn how to access some hidden functions on your Nvidia SHIELD Remote Control

Feature Activate Notes
Quickly access power menu:
  • Sleep Now
  • Restart
  • Power Off (SHIELD 2015 or SHIELD Pro Only)
  • Hold the BACK Button from Home Screen.
    Activate “Play/PauseDouble Tap the Volume SliderDisable this feature in Settings -> SHIELD accessories
    Open the SHARE Menu
  • Save screenshoots
  • Record gameplay
  • Stream to Twitch
  • Hold Home button
    Open PIP (Picture in Picture)/task switcher menu:
  • Toggle full screen viewing from PIP
  • Switch between recently opened apps
  • Close open apps
  • Double tap Home button
    Open context menu for more optionsPress and hold down the Select buttonThis is used in apps like Kodi, SPMC, and ES File Explorer

    Alternate SHIELD Remotes

    If nothing works and you can’t reset the Nvidia SHIELD Remote, there are now some great alternate remotes available. And finding one with voice control if this feature is important has become much easier.

    SHIELD models with rechargeable remotes also support IR. And these remotes typically have fewer problems since they don’t need to be paired. One we like that has backlit keys and works perfectly with IR capable SHIELD models is the Inteset 4-in-1 remote control. Missing is microphone

    For newer SHIELD models that can’t use IR or if you need Voice Control, check out the MX3 Backlit Air Remote Mouse. Because many are using this as a replacement for the original Nvidia SHIELD Remote control.

    Another Remote Control Option

    Here is a great review on another option, the LinkStyle Air Fly Remote.

    If nothing else works, to get your Nvidia SHIELD Remote working again. Buying another universal remote may end up being your best bet. Or try pairing a FIRE TV Remote to your SHIELD


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