Affected by Shutdown? Get a Free Month of Philo TV

Philo is Giving away a Free Month of Philo TV

Take advantage of this Free offer from Philo TV while you still can…

Philo TV CEO Andrew McCollum recently visited a National Park. And when he witnessed the dedication of Federal Employees. Who even though they were receiving no pay, still showed up for work and did their jobs.

He decided to honor these great Americans, who continued to sacrifice for the greater good. So Philo now has special offer on their website.

Philo TV is offering any Government employee a Free Month of Philo’s streaming service!

Their page is still up. They are doing it on the honor system so if you, or someone you know was affected by the Government shutdown. Be sure to pass this information along so they can also get their Free month of Philo.

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This offer does require a credit card to get the free month. But your credit card won’t be charged if service is canceled before the month is up.


While we can’t beat Philo’s offer, we did make up a photo you may want to share.

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