Morpheous TV Cyberflix and Mobdro Android TV Apps

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Morpheous TV Cyberflix and Mobdro are among the most used Android apps to stream Free TV on Android.

Morpheous TV Cyberflix and Mobdro

If you are familiar Terrarium, Morpheus TV took over where it left off. It was a widely used Android TV app that became almost too popular.

This app and others like it on Android does not contain legitimate legal sources for content. But that has not stopped those looking for free streaming TV content from using it to find free movies and TV shows online.

Morpheus TV is like getting a free subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and every other legal streaming platform all rolled up into one. We’ve often said if legal content providers ever got together and came up with a similar app that offered the vast amount of content from one place at an AFFORDABLE monthly price. The a large number of those using apps like this would undoubtedly switch over pretty darn quick.

But FREE TV still has quite an appeal. Because many simply can’t afford the constant price increases of popular streaming plans. Or needing to subscribe to a half dozen plans to watch the content they want.

But just like Terrarium TV, Morpheus TV also became a little too popular and was discontinued.

Now we have the reincarnation of both Terrarium TV and Morpheus back and the only thing that’s changed is pretty much the name. It’s now called Morph TV. And it works pretty much the same way and continues to be a favorite Android App for streaming Free TV content.

Morph TV Takes Over Where Morpheus TV Left Off

This app has more scrapers than ever offering Android users a treasure trove of free movies and TV content online. While you won’t ever experience a stable professional streaming experience like you get will when using paid streaming sites like Netflix.

Morph TV offers good stable links and also has nice user interface to access on-demand content that’s unmatched by any other content provider except for maybe Cyberflix.

This app is available to download @


The next most popular Android TV app which some may find every bit as good as Morph TV is Cyberflix.

Cyberflix also contains a ton of free content from hard to find TV shows, to the latest movies still playing in theaters.

But don’t get too excited about these movies because a lot of them are what is called screeners. This is where someone sneaks a video camera into a movie theater and films the movie while it’s being played on the big screen.

The quality is usually pretty poor. But Cyberflix also has HD movies released on DVD and the quality on these can be excellent.

Cyberflix and Morph TV both have similar interfaces and may even have been created by the same app developer.

The official Cyberflix app can be found @

Mobdro the Live TV Android App

Unlike Morph TV, and Cyberflix, Mobdro is more about live IPTV TV streams. Using this app you can find live streaming channels from all over the world.

It is also a popular Android TV app because it fills a niche the other on-demand apps don’t offer. With Mobdro you can watch news show, and other live streams available online.

This app is designed to actively search for and catalog live streams which become active online. You can then use it to watch these streams directly from the Mobdro app.

Download the Mobdro Android TV App @

Ads, Ads, and Even More Ads

One thing you will quickly notice about many Free TV apps is they contain a ton of ads. This can get annoying fast. Sometimes you can find modded versions of these apps online. Just search for the app name with mod afterwards. Like “Morph TV Mod”. Alternatively, you can also search for the latest app version using Add Free instead of Mod.

This will often bring up a version of the app where someone has gone in and removed the code that triggers the ads. Developers of these apps hate this and will often release new version updates. When you use a modded Android app you can’t simply update it. You first need to delete it and then install a newer modded version of the same app manually each time.

Can You Get in Trouble For Using Morpheus TV Cyberflix and Mobdro?

A large majority of people who buy Android streaming boxes like the Fire TV Stick do so with the purpose of installing Free TV apps like Morpheous TV Cyberflix and Mobdro.

While streaming is considered legal because you are not downloading the entire file. There are some ethical concerns to think about. Content providers deserve to get paid for their work.

So you really may want to consider streaming from free legal TV sources like these which are ad-supported. This provides the content providers compensation while still allowing you to watch tons of Free TV

If you insist on using only pirate TV apps on Android to watch free TV, then a VPN may be your best friend. A VPN will ensure that your Internet provider can’t snoop and see what you are doing online.

And a VPN will also help you bypass censorship and locked content which may not be available in your country. Besides letting you stream TV and download anonymously.

Not all VPNs are equal, some can really slow your Internet connection down to a crawl. For one of the best and fastest VPNs try a Free Trial to Express VPN. And use it when streaming from Morpheous TV Cyberflix and Mobdro.

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