Google and Amazon Make Nice!

Google and Amazon finally buried the hatchet and are once again supporting each other’s devices.

The good news for Amazon Fire TV owners is they will no longer be forced to use a Web Browser workaround to view content on YouTube.

Amazon Video Comes to Chromecast and Android TV

Amazon is also getting something out of the deal. And now their Amazon Prime Video app, which also lets users access free content through IMDb FREEDIVE will be added to Chromecast and Android TV.

Even though the SHIELD TV did already support Amazon Prime Video. Other Android TV boxes mainly the Mi Box was left out.

This news should make Mi Box owners very happy!

We still recommend skipping the Mi Box if you can afford it and go straight for an Nvidia SHIELD. Because  Xiaomi updates the Mi Box streamer nowhere nearly as much as Nvidia does.

YouTube TV Now an Option for Fire TV

Even though YouTube could be watched in a roundabout way. YouTube TV the Live TV service from Google could not be watched on the Fire TV.

Although with the latest 43% price increase, many YouTube TV customers are outraged! Read more

Prime Video Interface Still Needs Some Work

Now that the feud with Google is behind them, maybe Amazon can spend some extra effort on improving their UI. Because quite frankly, it’s a bit of a mess.

Having free content mixed in with paid content is confusing at best. Amazon should take some tips from Netflix and offer an easier to navigate app across all their platforms.

Google and Amazon Both End Up Winning in the End

In the end both sides have much to gain with this tiff finally over. Amazon gains access to more customers on the Chromecast and Android TV platforms.

While their own customers can now enjoy what many Roku and Nvidia SHIELD users have been taking for granted.

It also gives Amazon a wider audience for their Free ad-supported content and premium prime content. In the end, this is a big win for both Amazon and Google, and cord-cutters who use both their platforms.



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