Dolby Atmos Supported Media Streamers

High quality sound is every bit as important as an eye popping image when watching TV and this is where Dolby Atmos comes in. Because it does to the ears what a stunning 4K UHD picture does for the eyes.

Three Dimensional Sound

An Dolby Atmos encoded video, makes the sound appear three dimensional. It has an effect that can only be described as breathtaking as the sound moves all around the room in a multi-dimensional way.

For example if a jet flies by overhead, it will sound almost true to life as it can be heard flying across the room. It enhances the sense of sound so the listener feels part of the film.

Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV 4K and Nvidia SHIELD Which Support Atmos?

When it comes to media streamers, not all reproduce sound the same way. If a movies is encoded with Dolby Atmos, a media streamer must be licensed to play the content. This adds an added expense which not all manufacturers are willing to pay for.

Only two out of four popular media players support Dolby Atoms. Unfortunately both the Fire TV and Roku don’t yet support it. Although, this could change in a future hardware update.

Currently, only the Nvidia SHIELD, and Apple TV 4K media players are able to decode Dolby Atmos encoded audio. This makes for a more immersive movie experience where the viewer is transported right into the action.

These Streaming Service Support Atmos Encoded Videos

It’s important to use video files from a Streaming TV provide that offers Atmos encoded files to begin with.

Dolby Atoms requires a supported media player and video content that is encoded to supports it. The following Streaming TV Services all support Atoms movies and shows.

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Speakers The Final Link to Immersive Sound

Besides a media player, properly encoded videos the final necessary component to enjoy thrilling audio is a good set of speakers.

Speakers that are Dolby Atmos ready is the final piece needed to have stunning sound for your home entertainment system.

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