Cord Cutters Paying More to Cut the Cord

Netflix Raises Prices! Cord Cutters to pay 13-18% more each month

Cord cutters will start seeing prices go up on popular streaming services like Netflix. And cutting the cord will no longer cost as little as it once did.

Netflix Announces Biggest Price Increase Ever

When Netflix announced that the price would be increased by as much as 18 percent on new customers immediately. And on current customers in a few months.

This news immediately sent some cord cutters into a tizzy. Some promptly announced they would be dumping the streaming giant right away. While others still liked Netflix original shows and felt that it still provides enough value and will continue to keep it despite the increased cost. And simply paying the higher monthly price. Yet others said they would rely on plan sharing to help them offset the higher costs.

Price increases are never fun, and when the top 4K Netflix plan went from $13.99 to $16.99 this left a bitter taste with some cord cutters.

The top Netflix plan still offers a pretty good value. Especially if several friends or relatives pitch in and share an account. Because this plan offers 4 streams at once in 4K. Unlike the Netflix entry plan which only offers one stream in 480p SD.

The Netflix Premium middle tier plan includes two simultaneous streams in 1080p.

New Netflix Pricing 2019

Basic Plan – 1 Stream @ 480p to Costs $9/month or $108/year

Premium Plan – 2 Streams @ 480p Costs $13/month $156/year

Ultra Plan – 4 streams @ 4K HDR Costs 16/month $192/year

Amazon Prime Video Pricing 2019

The last price increase from Amazon Prime Video was in June 2018.

Amazon Prime Video Monthly Plan – 2 Streams @ 4K HDR Costs $12.99/month $155.88/year

Amazon Prime Video Annual Plan – 2 Streams @ 4K HDR Costs $119/year or $9.91/month

With Prime, they also include a long list of extra goodies like Free 2nd-day shipping on most items, Prime Music, Free Audiobooks and much more.

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Hulu Another Streaming TV Alternative

With the rather expensive Netflix price increase for 2019, many former Netflix subscribers may move over to Hulu. And while Hulu has not yet announced a price hike for 2019. Their current price seems quite reasonable in comparison.

With only two plans, Hulu has one plan with commercials for $7.99/month and one plan that has very limited commercials for $11.99/month.

On Hulu, current shows don’t show up for two days after they have aired on Network TV. And their full seasons typically don’t last as long as what they do on Netflix.

Several More Streaming Options for Cord Cutters in 2019

Until Disney, launches their Service sometime in 2019. And Apple finally does the same. Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu are the main streaming TV services available which offer the best library of on-demand movies and TV shows.

None of these plans require a long term commitment. And all three streaming services offer monthly plans. So it’s easy to switch between different streaming services throughout the year to watch content from all three.

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