Urbanflix TV Available Now

What is Urbanflix TV?

Urbanflix TV is an excting new Streaming Platform that offers unique and original content.

Tired of the run of the mill same old content on pretty much every major Streaming TV Service? This streaming service is completely different. And they carved out a niche among cord cutters by bringing their subscribers content that is different. And more unique than what is found on other platforms.

Popular Movies on Urbanflix

Here’s What Else Urbanflix TV Offers:

  • Full-length Feature Films
  • Documentaries
  • Stand up Comedy
  • Musicals and Music Videos
  • Diverse Urban Entertainment
  • Largest collection of classic black cinema
  • No TV provider needed

Company Website: http://www.urbanflixtv.com

Available on the Following Devices: Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Android TV, Roku

How Much Does a Monthly Subscription Cost?

Monthly SUBSCRIBE for $3.99/mo payment is due every month. And cancel anytime.

Annually SUBSCRIBE for $39.99/yr Only $3.33 per month! Payment is due once each year. And cancel anytime.

To subscribe add the app from the links posted above. And subscribe right from within the app itself.

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Best Weather App for SHIELD and Fire TV

WeatherBug a top rated Weather app rocks on Android, the Nvidia SHIELD, and Fire TV.

Hurricane Season and Fire Season is here. And an app that alerts to any weather emergencies right on the TV screen can be invaluable.

Why WeatherBug Is Number One

“WeatherBug is an app that allows you to access all the weather information that you need. You can receive alerts about the temperature or precipitation directly in the notification bar of your Android device.

WeatherBug also allows you to access a photography section. This is where you can see the wonderful photos taken by other users. And you can even upload your own photos so that other users can see them too.

Other interesting features that WeatherBug offers includes a thunderstorm alert system. And it also features a permanent connection to the Hurricane Center. So a hurricane won’t catch you off guard.

Personalize the WeatherBug start up screen so that a photo of the current weather is shown.”

Best Weather App for Fire TV

While there are many weather apps available, WeatherBug works great on a Fire TV or Android media players. Give it a try by downloading it below. Also, try these nine awesome apps for Android and Fire TV

Download WeatherBug on Fire TV, Android and Nvidia SHIELD

FireTV WeatherBug App

Nvidia SHIELD and Android WeatherBug App

Version 5.17.7-2 for Android

Chinavision Super Discount SALE!

Chinavision is offering tremendous savings across their entire website on cool electronic gadgets.

SAVE Up to 6%-12% across their entire website.

Why pay higher prices to Amazon to sellers who buy products at lower prices only to mark them up and resell them for big profits.

Amazon is full of vendors who are making a living buying from wholesale companies tacking on an extra 20 to 30% and want you to pay for it.

Save money by buying direct from the vendor they buy from. A long time reputable wholesale electronics company that will ship their products directly to your door at a lower prices than typically found online or from big box stores.

Here’s what Verified Shoppers had to Say

Great and professional service from friendly staff. Fast delivery. Very nice products. I can recommend to everyone.

Chinavasion is one of the best wholesalers in China. I am very happy to do business with them. They have always the best prices and work with you if you encounter any problem.

Note: With the current worldwide COVID19 Crisis some shipments may take longer than normal. This is due to manufacturing distribution channels or high demand on popular items.

Please take this into account when ordering anything from online vendors.

Choose from the following categories to grab a great deal from ChinaVision:

So the next time you find yourself in need of lower cost electronic gadgets for someone special or yourself, give Chinavision a try. They offer reasonably fast shipping through DHL. And they have even lower prices than Walmart, Amazon or Best Buy.

Be sure to check back on this page for their latest discounts and sales across their entire website.

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SNAKE Popular Arcade Game on Roku & Fire TV

Snake is a classic game that was wildly popular on cellphones in the 90’s. This was before we had fancy screen Android or iPhones available. It’s been ported to popular media streamers like Roku and Fire TV. And it’s also available for Xbox One.

Built by Romans I XVI Gaming, Snake is a game on Roku and Fire TV that has been wildly successful.

Recently the developer has also made the game open source for download on Github. For those that want to use it for enhancing their programming skills.

Object of The Game

The player controls a dot, square, or object on a bordered plane. As it moves forward, it leaves a trail behind, resembling a moving snake. In some games, the end of the trail is in a fixed position, so the snake continually gets longer as it moves.


Add Snake to Roku, Fire TV and Xbox One

This game can be added Free from the following sources for your device.

It includes both free gameplay or additional levels can be purchased for more money.

Warning: This game can be wildly addictive. So if you find you wasted several hours of your life playing Snake. Please don’t blame us.

Add to Roku

Fire TV App

Xbox One App

If you enjoy playing classic arcade games give this game a try on your Roku or Fire TV.

It can provide you with another source of hours of entertainment. And for even more free entertainment, check out more great Free apps for Android or Free channels for Roku. Happy Streams!

Roku Adult Channels Exposed

Hidden private Roku Adult Channels, is something most Roku owners don’t even know exist to watch on Roku.

There is also a nice collection of private channels that feature X-rated adult entertainment that can be added and watched on pretty much any Roku media player.

These premium private channels contain tons of full-length adult movies and scenes in HD and 4K. They are all high quality channels built every bit as nice as popular commercial channels like Netflix, Hulu or Prime Video.

But since nudity and adult content is not allowed in Public Channels. These are only available to be added to your Roku as private channels.

For a full guide on how to add private Roku channels: See this page

Roku Adult Top 10 Channels

These are some of the most popular adult Roku channels based on traffic and hours streamed on the Roku platform. So if you want a lower cost alternative to watching porn on cable, have a look at some of these top ranked adult channels.

  1. AdultEmpire Unlimited (Huge Library of Content)
  2. SugarInstant (Free 5/day Trial)
  3. Bang! (Don’t Miss This one)
  4. VideoBox (Free 7/day Trial)
  5. Hustler’s Barely Legal
  6. Score TV
  7. Hustler’s Forbidden
  8. ExXxtasy (All Movies in HD)
  9. Naughty America
  10. Helix Studio (Gay)

New Edge Browser is Better than Chrome for Streaming

For Streaming form Netflix, Disney+, Hulu etc the New Edge Browser does a better job.

This is a browser from Microsoft based on the open source Chromium project.

It works on the following operating systems:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server (2016 and above), Windows Server (2008 R2 to 2012 R2), and macOS.

The New Edge Browser Makes it Easy to Switch From Chrome

Migrating to another browser is not always easy. Especially if you stored passwords, favorites and other extensions over many years.

But migrating from Chrome to Edge is easy. Because it moves everything over so switching is pretty seamless.

When It Comes to Streaming the Edge Browser Rocks

Streaming TV is where Edge really shows its stuff. When it comes to streaming 4K content on Netflix or Disney+, Edge uses less resources than Chrome.

And it fully supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos HDR, while using less RAM. Chrome is a resource hungry app.

Not to mention all the privacy related issues with everything Google tracks in order to serve you ads.

Enable Dropdown Full Screen

Here’s how to enable Dropdown Full Screen for streaming content from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ etc.

In the address bar of the Edge Browser type:


What this does is it quickly unhides the address bar and menus at the top of your web browser while in full screen streaming.

This makes it easy to click and add access a new Web based streaming site without leaving the full screen format.

Watch the video below to see how to enable it.

Why Stream from a Web Browser

With so many great media streamers like Roku, Apple TV, and Nvidia SHIELD. Why would you ever want to stream movies and TV shows from a PC or Laptop?

Quite simply you can’t always pack along your 60″ flat screen TV when traveling, camping or commuting.

Along with Netflix Hulu, Disney+ and more, a Notebook PC or Mac works great for watching hundreds of Web based streaming sites like these. Now you never need to wait until you get home to binge watch the latest episode of your favorite show.

So check out the Microsoft Edge Browser and enjoy a better streaming TV experience than on Chrome.

Download it here from Microsoft for your computer

Apple TV Beta tvOS 13.4.8 Seeded to Developers

Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming tvOS 13.4.8 update, two weeks after releasing the tvOS 13.4.5 update . Designed for the fourth and fifth-generation apple tv models, the new tvOS 13.4.8 beta can be downloaded onto the ‌Apple TV‌ through a profile that’s installed using Xcode. tvOS updates are generally minor in scale, focusing on under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements instead of major outward-facing changes. There’s no word on what’s included in tvOS 13.4.8 as of yet. While we don’t often know what’s new in tvOS during the beta testing process, we let MacRumors readers know when new updates are available so developers can download it on release. Related Roundups: apple tv , tvOS 13 Buyer’s Guide: apple tv (Don’t Buy) This article, ” apple Seeds First Beta of tvOS 13.4.8 Update to Developers ” first appeared on MacRumors.com