Roku Adds New Jobs Now Hiring!

Roku has been busy hiring engineers to work on their software and hardware lately.

Roku Has Posted Many New Jobs

This is only a small sample of some of the interesting positions posted for employment at Roku. And this helps give us a glimpse what may soon be coming from them in the future.

As their technology matures and goes on to the next level, we could see some exciting new hardware and software updates soon.

Roku Sr. Software Engineer: Cryptographic Key Management Systems Engineer

Roku’s Trust Engineering Team is looking for a senior software engineer to focus on cryptographic key management systems. And your work will be focused on the architecture and design of scalable key management systems, including Public Key Infrastructure. This is a senior role with a high-level of visibility. Therefore, a proven track record building highly reliable, high capacity services is essential.

You will work day-to-day with a cross-functional team of web service, developers, firmware and manufacturing ops engineers. Building and deploying highly scalable key management and distribution systems.

Roku Data Scientist

At Roku, Data Scientists leverage Big Data and machine learning to maximize efficiency and value across the business. And Data Scientists are instrumental to the growth of our advertising and content businesses. By providing critical information and insights to fuel business decisions and developing models and processes. And these decisions are generated dynamically without human intervention.  Roku hires individuals with a results-oriented focus, high orders of creative and analytical thinking, and excellent technical problem-solving abilities. Data Scientists do not simply execute on product roadmaps but are required to transform nebulous business opportunities into detailed and action-oriented plans that coincide with the plans of product and engineering colleagues. Data Scientists move quickly and prototype new solutions methodically.

Roku Hardware Design Engineer

Roku is seeking a hardware design engineer, reporting to the Whole Home Engineering team. And this position will be responsible for driving hardware product development from initial board design and bring up to mass production.  Roles and responsibilities include: evaluating reference designs, creating schematics, component selection, driving ODM partners in PCB layout, overseeing new product introductions, HW validation, and continuing support of the product after initial launch. This person will also be a team member and support other hardware engineers and projects at various levels.

The successful candidate will be an energetic and assertive team player who can expertly manage multiple projects and thrive during rapid development cycles. They will possess the expertise and determination to ensure the project stays on target with respect to product design, quality, schedule and cost goals from concept to delivery.

QA Automation Voice Engineer

The Roku Voice group is looking for a QA Automation Engineer to help build and leverage test harnesses for our current and next-generation voice-enabled products.

Software Engineer, Content Aggregation Platform / Machine Learning

Roku’s Content Aggregation Platform (CAP) team is ingesting, transforming, and deduplicating content metadata coming from all Roku partners. And this database is used by Universal Search, Recommendations, and various other internal and customer-facing Roku services. The team is small and nimble and moving fast to solve challenging problems while iterating quickly and releasing often.

Roku is looking for a proven, experienced, passionate, and self-driven engineer to help to bring them to next level of scalability, performance, reliability, and machine learning induced intelligence (data matching, entity deduping / resolution, record linkage, clustering).

This role will be responsible for reinventing the subsystems that handle all of the content metadata available on the Roku platform. Including vertical ownership of core micro-services and participate in other related features, architecture, and cloud infrastructure.

More Positions Available at

These job listings are a clear indication that the Roku company is gearing up for more growth across all aspects of their business. And if their stock is any indication, recently trading at an all time high. It looks like we will be seeing some more great things headed our way from Roku very soon.

Click Here to View All Jobs Available At Roku



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Google and Amazon Make Nice!

Google and Amazon finally buried the hatchet and are once again supporting each other’s devices.

The good news for Amazon Fire TV owners is they will no longer be forced to use a Web Browser workaround to view content on YouTube.

Amazon Video Comes to Chromecast and Android TV

Amazon is also getting something out of the deal. And now their Amazon Prime Video app, which also lets users access free content through IMDb FREEDIVE will be added to Chromecast and Android TV.

Even though the SHIELD TV did already support Amazon Prime Video. Other Android TV boxes mainly the Mi Box was left out.

This news should make Mi Box owners very happy!

We still recommend skipping the Mi Box if you can afford it and go straight for an Nvidia SHIELD. Because  Xiaomi updates the Mi Box streamer nowhere nearly as much as Nvidia does.

YouTube TV Now an Option for Fire TV

Even though YouTube could be watched in a roundabout way. YouTube TV the Live TV service from Google could not be watched on the Fire TV.

Although with the latest 43% price increase, many YouTube TV customers are outraged! Read more

Prime Video Interface Still Needs Some Work

Now that the feud with Google is behind them, maybe Amazon can spend some extra effort on improving their UI. Because quite frankly, it’s a bit of a mess.

Having free content mixed in with paid content is confusing at best. Amazon should take some tips from Netflix and offer an easier to navigate app across all their platforms.

Google and Amazon Both End Up Winning in the End

In the end both sides have much to gain with this tiff finally over. Amazon gains access to more customers on the Chromecast and Android TV platforms.

While their own customers can now enjoy what many Roku and Nvidia SHIELD users have been taking for granted.

It also gives Amazon a wider audience for their Free ad-supported content and premium prime content. In the end, this is a big win for both Amazon and Google, and cord-cutters who use both their platforms.



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Roku OS 9.1 Coming to a Roku Player Near You

As Roku OS 9.1 is rolling out, big changes are on the way!

OS 9.1 Developer Notes and Changes

Today the latest Roku operating system update has begun. And over the next several weeks most standalone Roku players will receive this latest software update OS 9.1.

Roku Smart TVs, will not receive this latest update until early summer.

It’s really just luck of the draw when your particular device may be updated. Sometimes, simply going to settings/system and forcing an update may speed up the process.

OS 9.1 brings about some important changes for not only end users of the Roku platform. But also for Developers who must meet new guidelines for their channels.

Roku OS 9.1 Now Offers Universal Sign-On

The biggest change will come for developers of larger Network TV channels that used to send users to external web page to sign-up for a channel. Now these channels must allow users to sign-up or cancel their subscription right from with-in the Roku platform.

This is effective immediately and will allow for a more seamless user experience.

Automatic Account Linking

This is one of the most useful updates. And with OS 9.1 needing to re-enter most channel passwords when you link a new Roku to your account will soon be a thing of the past.

Automatic Account Linking knows it’s you from a prior login on another Roku device and all your channels will instantly become authenticated.

No more adding in all those boring codes on different websites for each channel everywhere app. And this will make owning a Roku media player much more pleasant.

Enhanced Voice and Search

Another thing Roku did with this update is make it easier to find free content. And much of this content is weighted towards their Free Roku Channel. Moving this content up higher in the search results than the same free content that may be found on other channels.

In the future this Free channel from Roku will take on a larger role and become an even more important part of their platform. Eventually all subscription channels will need to be signed up from and accessed through The Roku Channel.

This will enhance further Roku’s advertising revenue flow. And this is what will keep the company stay profitable and help them stick around for a long time to come.

Here Are The Best Media Streamers You Can Buy This Year!


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NCAA Tournament March Madness Matchup Schedules

The Madness is here, and fuboTV has every minute of the the NCAA Tournament!

Fans can watch every single game of every single round of the 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

As viewers around the country watch their brackets get destroyed within the first few hours of action, they can feast their eyes on the fantastic matchups taking place throughout the First Round. Start watching on Thursday, March 21st and Friday, March 22nd and the Second Round on Saturday, March 23rd/Sunday, March 24th.  And the action officially starts on Thursday at 12:00 PM ET. 

NCAA Tournament Mens Basketball First Round:

Watch the entire NCAA Tournament on CBS and Turner networks with fuboTV!
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 12:00 PM – #10 Minnesota vs. #7 Louisville (CBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 12:30 PM – #14 Yale vs. #3 LSU (truTV)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 1:20 PM – #12 New Mexico State vs. #5 Auburn (TNT)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 1:50 PM – #13 Vermont vs. #4 Florida State (TBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 2:30 PM – #15 Bradley vs. #2 Michigan State (CBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 3:00 PM – #11 Belmont vs. #6 Maryland (truTV)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 3:50 PM – #13 Northeastern vs. #4 Kansas (TNT)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 4:20 PM – #12 Murray State vs. #5 Marquette (TBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 6:45 PM – #10 Florida vs. #7 Nevada (TNT)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 7:00 PM – #15 Abilene Christian vs. #2 Kentucky (CBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 7:15 PM – #11 Saint Mary’s vs. #6 Villanova (TBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 7:15 PM – #16 Farleigh Dickinson vs. #1 Gonzaga (truTV)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 9:15 PM – #15 Montana vs. #2 Michigan (TNT)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 9:30 PM – #10 Seton Hall vs. #7 Wofford (CBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 9:45 PM – #14 Old Dominion vs. #2 Purdue (TBS)
  • Thu, Mar. 21, 9:55 PM – #9 Baylor vs. #8 Syracuse (truTV)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 12:00 PM – #10 Iowa vs. #7 Cincinnati (CBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 12:30 PM – #9 Oklahaoma vs. #8 Ole Miss (truTV)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 1:20 PM – #14 Northern Kentucky vs. #3 Texas Tech (TNT)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 1:50 PM – #13 UC Irvine vs. #4 Kansas State (TBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 2:30 PM – #15 Colgate vs. #2 Tennessee (CBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 3:00 PM – #16 Gardner-Webb vs. #1 Virginia (truTV)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 3:50 PM – #11 Arizona State/St. John’s vs. #6 Buffalo (TNT)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 4:20 PM – #12 Oregon vs. #5 Wisconsin (TBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 6:45 PM – #9 Washington vs. #8 Utah State (TNT)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 7:00 PM – #16 NC Central/North Dakota State vs. #1 Duke(CBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 7:15 PM – #14 Georgia State vs. #3 Houston (TBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 7:15 PM – #12 Liberty vs. #4 Mississippi State (truTV)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 9:15 PM – #16 Iona vs. #1 North Carolina (TNT)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 9:30 PM – #9 UCF vs. #8 VCU (CBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 9:45 PM – #11 Ohio State vs. #6 Iowa State (TBS)
  • Fri, Mar. 22, 9:55 PM – #13 Saint Louis vs. #4 Virginia Tech (truTV)

NCAA Tournament Second Round:

Stream NCAA Game Videos!
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 12:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (CBS)
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 2:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (CBS)
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 5:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (CBS)
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 6:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TNT)
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 7:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TBS)
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 7:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (CBS)
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 8:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TNT)
  • Sat, Mar. 23, 9:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TBS)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 12:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (CBS)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 2:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (CBS)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 5:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (CBS)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 6:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TNT)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 7:00 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TBS)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 7:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (truTV)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 8:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TNT)
  • Sun, Mar. 24, 9:30 PM – NCAA MBB Tournament, Second Round (TBS)


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For Some Great FREE Live TV Channels. Don’t Miss -> This!

SHIELD Experience Upgrade 7.2.3

What the New Nvidia SHEILD Experience Upgrade Means For You

Another SHIELD Experience Update

You have to give Nvidia credit. Because their media player/game machine has to be the single most updated Android box ever built. Their new update is out.

Here is what the Nvidia Shield Experience 7.2.3 has to offer:

This fix is primarily a point release, addressing most of the issues uncovered in our 7.2 release. This release will include a few enhancements.

• Includes security fixes up to Android December 2018 bulletin
• Adds option to restart Wi-Fi service if wireless APs are not visible (Settings > Network > Restart Wi-Fi)
• Adds NAS write support for Emby Media Server (requires Emby Media Server or later)
• Adds more customization options for HDMI-CEC power control
• Adds support for wired XBOX Elite controller

Bug Fixes:
• Fixes bug where SD cards were not detected reliably
• Improves reliability when manually mounting NAS to SHIELD

• Resolves HDMI-CEC reliability issues for Soundbars
• Fixed display blanking bug when refresh rate or display resolution changes
• Resolves HDCP issues observed on Bauhn/Kogan TVs

• Resolve issues when scanning for wireless APs after disabling ethernet
• Resolves issue where SHIELD would not detect or connect to Wi-Fi APs
• Improves detection and reporting of low power channels when scanning for Wi-Fi APs
• Adds Wi-Fi Restart as an option in customizable quick settings
• Addresses issue where Wi-Fi would drop from 5GHz to 2GHz (disables Wi-Fi roaming)

• [SHIELD remote 2017] Fixes bug where short button presses were detected incorrectly
• [SHIELD remote 2017] Fixes fast battery drain issue
• Fixes bugs affecting 3rd party controllers
• Fixes XBOX One button functionality
• Fixes rare occurrence where IR commands stop working on SHIELD remote (2017) and controller (2017) until restart
• Fire TV remote mic button opens microphones on SHIELD accessories for Google Assistant/voice search

• Resolves issue in PLEX where media stored on NAS shows as unavailable
• Fixes issue where USB web camera preview is zoomed in
• Fixes issue where buzzing sound would be heard when enabling Stereo upmix
• [SHIELD Pro] Resolved issue where device imagery not present on pairing screen
• Fixes issue where release notes display an android icon
• Adds toast message when Release Notes is displayed
• Resolves issue where green line visible at bottom/right of screen during playback
• Resolves bug where “Power off” was missing in Settings > About

Latest accessory firmware versions:
• SHIELD controller (2017): v1.28
• SHIELD controller (2015): v1.96/99/3.71/0.32
• SHIELD remote (2017): v1.41
• SHIELD remote (2015): v.1.32

Known Issues:
• CEC with Samsung TV’s wakes on it’s own after going to sleep.
• Plex takes 30 seconds to start a video on SMB V3 NAS. Workaround for now is configure NAS to SMB V1.
• Screen corruption/crash/android frameworks restart during video playback.
• Streaming from high latency network services has lower bandwidth than expected.
• Rare occurrences of Wifi disconnect which requires a restart to recover.
• Rare occurrences of USB drives being ejected.
• Colorimetry feature puts REC709 4k Videos into REC2020 in Youtube.
• Hauppauge DVB-T EU tuners don’t find all available channels in Plex.

Source: NVIDIA Technical Support

How to Replace a Broken SHIELD Remote with a Fire TV Remote


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SnagFilms Watch 5,000 Free Independent Movies

Watch FREE Full Length Movies and TV Shows

SnagFilms is not only home to thousands of award-winning independent full-length films. They also have a large selection of documentaries, foreign, gay and lesbian movies and a lot more.

Content on this channel is all free to watch, and while there is no subscription required. Movies and shows do contain advertisements which help pay the bills.

Don’t Miss This Large List of FREE Channels For Android »

Watch on a Wide Range of Devices

SnagFilms is available on many platforms. And they have Free channels and Apps for Apple, Roku, Android, and a YouTube Channel as well.

They can also be accessed from any device with a Web Browser simply by visiting their Website at

Download or add the channel or app for your device from this list:







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Best Media Streamers You Can Buy in 2019

These are the best media streamers to cut the cord!

Pictured From Left to Right: Nvidia SHIELD, Roku Ultra, Apple TV 4K, Fire TV Streaming Stick 4K

These are our top choices when it comes to buying a new Media Streamer

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of the companies in this review. No devices were provided to us free of charge. We purchased our own Roku Ultra, Nvidia SHIELD and Apple TV 4K. And we used a friends Fire TV Cube 4K Fire TV Stick, and Roku Streaming Stick+ for the purpose of this review.

Using a media streamers listed here offers a much better cord cutting experience than many so called “Smart TVs.”

We really like using separate media streamers which have their own software and features built in. And they are so much nicer than many Smart TV’s own proprietary software. Roku and Amazon are two exceptions since they both also sell TV models with their own operating system built in. And they do offer a user experience very much like their regular media streamer models.

Because they are easy to upgrade, many experienced cord cutters would still rather choose a stand alone media streamer or streaming stick. If you hardly ever upgrade your hardware. An all in one Roku TV or Amazon Fire TV Edition Television may be just the ticket.

Streaming Stick Vs Stand Alone Models

When choosing a media streamer, a choice needs to be made between a Streaming Stick or an external table top model.

Streaming Sticks Pros

  1. Their Small footprint makes Streaming stick easier to hide behind the TV and also take along when traveling.
  2. Because they plug directly into an HDMI port, there is less clutter with wires attached to the TV and power outlet showing.
  3. Often streaming Sticks also cost less than their larger table top media streamer cousins.

Streaming Stick Cons

  1. Streaming Sticks come in a much smaller package. And this makes them a little more prone to overheating than larger cased table models.
  2. Since only have WiFi remotes, Universal IR remotes won’t work with them. Also they can’t use an Ethernet hard wire which is better than WiFi for Streaming.
  3. Because they are behind the TV, weak WiFi signals can cause some problems compared to table top models which can be placed more out in the open.

When it comes to Streaming Stick Media streamers the two best choices are either the Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick or the Roku 4K Streaming Stick+

Both are good choices and either one of these would be the only streaming Stick to buy for several reasons.

They are both 4K. And even if you don’t yet have a 4K television, or don’t plan on buying one any time soon. We still recommend these models because they operate so much faster and smoother than the non 4K streaming stick models.

Both these models can be had for $50 or less sometimes and they offer a great media streaming experience with many popular streaming TV apps.

The biggest reason we like the Roku Ultra better than the Roku Streaming Stick+ is because it offers an Ethernet port. An Ethernet wire from a Router that attaches directly to a media streamer offers better performance overall than WiFi. And it streams media with the least amount of buffering. The Roku Ultra also has an IR port which works with 3rd party universal remotes. Like the low cost remote from Inteset which has backlit keys and also works with many other media streamers like the Nvidia SHIELD.

The Fire TV Cube also comes with an Ethernet Port but it can’t match the performance fo the new 4K Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV Cube Vs Roku Ultra Best Mid-Range Streamer

The next step up the media streamer ladder are both the Fire TV Cube and Roku Ultra media streamers. Between these two models we are leaning more towards the Roku Ultra for several reasons.

  1. 1. If you plan on subscribing to one or more streaming TV channels or apps. Roku has a better search function that will direct you to those channels you may already pay for. Or to other channels that offer the same content for free. The Fire TV Cube favors its Prime Video Service more. And it typically sends you to Prime Video when the same show may be available elsewhere for free.
  2. 2. Where Roku has pretty much any other media streamer beat is it’s super easy to use. Someone once said in the Roku Rocks Facebook Group (Which is not affiliate or endorsed by Roku.) That Roku media streamers are for Grandparents. This is actually a compliment because the software is so intuitive, simple to use, and navigate anyone from 2 to 90 can quickly learn how to use it.
  3. 3. There are a huge list of channels available on Roku. You can find some the more popular channels on this list. Amazon’s Fire TV Cube also has many popular channels. Although some channels can be side loaded that contain content that is not always legal. In this regard Roku does a better job of being a good corporate citizen. And they have done a much better job of stamping out piracy on their platform than Amazon has with their media streamers.
  4. 4. Hardware wise, both the Fire TV Cube and Roku Ultra are very similar. They both work fine with some of the biggest popular streaming channels in the industry. Amazon’s stand alone Fire TV Cube does not offer the same level of performance and faster hardware than their newer 4K Fire TV Stick does which currently is Amazon’s fastest model.
  5. 5. Adult Channels. When it comes to adult channels Roku rules. They offer some really great X Rated TV channels which can only be added as private channels.

Roku Best Media Streamer Overall

For most cord cutters Roku is the best choice instead of Fire TV. The easy to use Roku software is second to none. And they simply work really well.

Fire TVs also have their place. And if you love the Android operating system, the new 4K Fire TV Stick would be our choice over the Fire TV Cube. Spend a little more and step up the highly recommended Nvidia SHIELD. And it will blow away the Fire TV Cube or 4K Streaming Stick in performance. Not only is it a performance monster, it just plain looks cool.

High End Media Streamers Apple TV 4K Vs Nvidia SHIELD

While there are plenty of other cheaper Android TV boxes out there, except for the Mi Box, Fire TV, and Nvidia SHIELD. These cheaper clones don’t have the Android TV OS which makes it easy to use from the couch using only a remote control. Other Android media streamers use the Android Phone OS which is much more clunky without a touch screen. And this requires either using a keyboard/touch pad or a mouse than just a remote control.

Cheaper Android boxes rarely get new Android OS updates the way the Nvidia SHIELD has. This means either living with outdated Android software, or buying a new box every 6 months.

Nvidia SHIELD Vs Apple TV

We really like the Nvidia SHIELD, more than any Android box we’ve tried. And even though it was released several years ago, Nvidia has done an outstanding job of keeping SHIELD updated and current.

The SHIELD’s performance is still off the charts compared to any Android or Roku media streamer. The only thing that can touch it performance wise is the new Apple TV 4K.

Check out our Team Android Page – A Resource for Android Users

Choosing between a SHIELD or New Apple TV 4K may come down to which operating system you like better. Android TV or Apple TV OS. It may be a tough decision because both these media streamers will set you back $150+ dollars. It may become an even harder decision once Apple releases its own Streaming TV service, which is due out now any day. Apple TV or iPhone owners will be able to watch original content from Apple’s new Streaming service for Free!

Fire TV and Android Can Use a Browser

Compared to Apple TV and Roku, Android OS will take more time to learn. It’s more powerful and is the only media streamer which also includes a Web Browser. It’s almost like learning another computer operating system and can perform more functions than just a media streamer. Apple TV also has some quirky gestures that will need to be learned.

The Apple TV OS is very simple to use, although not as easy as Roku. The SHIELD like the Fire TV takes a bit of a learning curve but is also a very open system. And any Android apps can be sideloaded. Although apps that are not Android TV OS ready, can be more difficult to launch and they require special software. The Apple TV while not as open does offer several good IPTV apps which can be installed directly from the Apple store.

When you’re ready to step up to the next level of performance and price range, neither one of these media streamers will disappoint.

You simply can’t go wrong buying any media streamer on this page. And no matter which one you start off, with they all offer plenty of options for watching some great cable Free TV. If you’re a new cord cutter, at some point you will most likely want to expand your options. It’s not all that uncommon for cord cutters to switch between several media streamers and end up owning more than one.


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