fuboTV Just Hit 1 Million+ Subscribers

For live streaming services, people are choosing to spending their money there instead of more expensive cable TV offerings. And fuboTV continues to be a popular destination for many cord cutters who love streaming sports.

It took FuboTV a little longer than the 3rd quarter of this year to cross the million subscriber threshold. But on November 9, the company announced they had reached the million subscriber mark. And this is a significant achievement. Because just a year earlier in the 3rd quarter, they had only 450,000 paying customers.

For them to just about double their subscribers in year, they must be doing something right.

Here’s What You Get with fuboTV

Besides a ton of sports channels, fubo TV also offers many conventional streaming channels which are found on competing platforms like YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Philo and others.

116+ Live and On Demand Streaming Channels

When you enter your Zip code on their website, you may qualify to receive up to 242 streaming channels. This includes local channels for your area. Elite plan subscribers receive an additional 48 channels.

250 Hour Cloud Based DVR Service is included with their Starter plan, 1000 hours included with Pro and Elite Plans.

3 Users can stream at once for their $64.99 Starter package, 10 users can stream at the same time for their $69.99 Pro and $79.99 Elite package.

FuboTV has an excellent track record of providing outstanding customer support, with a high quality live TV service. You can try a free 24Hour trial to see how their streaming channel works with your favorite media streamer.

Supplement a paid streaming service with this long list of free streaming channels. And you won’t ever run out of great content to watch.

Try a Free Trial to FuboTV

Streaming TV Deals and Discounts Guide for Cord Cutters

Adult Roku Channels With the Lowest Churn

Churn is when subscribers dump one streaming service in favor of another. And adult Roku channels owners hate churn and do everything they can to keep their subscribers coming back for more.

With the long list of Adult Roku Channels available, these content providers do a great job of keeping their customers watching month after month. Some offer lifetime discounts, extensive libraries, and top quality 4K content. These are the Adult channels which have some of the lowest churn rates in the industry.

All these channels are private, which means they can’t be found on your Roku in the store. Private Roku channels need to be added a little differently. Here is an excellent guide on How to Add Private channels to your Roku.

Most Popular Adult Roku Channels

AdultEmpire Unlimited

When it comes to adult streaming channels, AdultEmpire is at the top of the list. They offer a massive library of porn which is all available to watch on Roku.

What sets them apart is their award winning interface, great customer service and sheer number of full length adult films and scenes. Most all are available in 4K and HD which look absolutly stunning on a large screen TV.

While AdultEmpire Unlimited is not the lowest porn channel on Roku, it has some of the highest subscriber retention rate in the industry. Members also receive discounts on other channels and all items in their Sex Toy Shop.


Another long term adult channel that has been on Roku for many years is VideoBox. While they don’t have quite as much content as AdultEmpire, they offer a nicely designed adult channel. It’s available to watch unlimited so for a low monthly fee you can turn it on anytime to catch a full length movie featuring today’s hottest porn stars.

Like others on this list new adult movies are added quite regularly which keeps VideoBox subscribers coming back month after month.

VideoBox gives you full unlimited free access to their channel for 7/days. This is one of the longest Free Trials of any adult Roku channels. They will even give you a FREE Roku when you join for an extended time.


While Bang is the new kid on the block it has been steadily gaining in popularity with adult Roku Channel subscribers. One reason many Bang subscribers keep coming back for more is their great adult content and frequent flash sales.

  • Bang offers the Largest Collection of PORN
  • BANG! ORIGINAL exclusive scenes!
  • Multiple DAILY Updates
  • TV, Mobile, Tablet & Console FREE access!
  • Download & Save movies to watch later
  • Includes our free ROKU app + FireTV app

Check out the Bang Join page for the latest deals and discounts and you may even score a Free 2/day Trial.

Hustler’s Barely Legal

Another very popular adult Roku channel Barely Legal is owned by Hustler. This 18+ Barely Legal Teen channel remains a popular destination for adult film fans.

With some of the hottest new porn stars in the industry and a fairly extensive library of full length movies you won’t be disappointed.

While they don’t offer a long free trial like SugarInstant or VideoBox, they do have a special 2/day preview you can check out for only $1. It automatically reverts to monthly billing after two days. Their monthly plan is the most expensive. Save a lot of money paying by signing up for a 3, or 12 month membership.


Another very popular adult streaming channel is SugarInstant. This site is also owned by AdultEmpire and they offer a generous free 5/day Trial with unlimited streaming.

Like several others listed here, SugarInstant also offer alternative streaming channels and apps for platforms like PS4, Xbox and Android.

  •  5 Day Free Trial
  •  Thousands Of Movies
  •  Exclusive Content
  •  Hottest Pornstars
  •  Stream to ROKU, PS4 & Xbox
  •  Member Rewards
  •  4K & HD Video
  •  Content Added Every Day

They offer both unlimited streaming plans, and also tons of Video on Demands. And they often run special promotions on VODs which can save you a lot of money. They also let you download movies so you can own them and watch them forever.

To find the latest discounts and promotions on SugarInstant and other adult streaming channels be sure to join and follow: Adult_TV_Streams on Reddit.

Here’s How to Stream and Watch Adult Channels on Roku!

Streaming TV Deals and Discounts Guide for Cord Cutters

It’s nice not being tethered by a cable TV cord to a single provider any longer. Now we get to choose from a long list of special streaming TV deals and discounts offered by many content providers.

With streaming channels and services popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain, it gives consumers many options on where to watch their television entertainment from.

Use this guide to find today’s best deals and discounts on popular TV streaming channels.

Amazon Video FREE Movie Credit

This deal will give you a Free $5 Amazon Prime Video credit when you watch any movie in the Prime Video library. Click here to activate this offer!

Save $10 on a 3/month Hulu Subscription With Live TV

Just in time for football season, Hulu is offering a special deal on a subscription to their bundle. And it includes a one week free trial, then you save $10 off the price of their Live TV/On-Demand package for the first 3 months. They also include their 50 Hour Cloud DVR to record your favorite shows. So instead of $64.99, for the first 3 months, you only pay $54.99. And this includes local channels as well. Get this Special Offer!

Save 70% on MLB With this Offer From Sling TV

If you subscribe to Sling TV, stream the MLB Playoffs, and World Series at a significant cost reduction off the regular price. New or returning subscribers to Sling are eligible for this offer. And it’s just $10 with a month of DVR service included free. So you won’t need to miss any great baseball action as the season wraps up. Activate This Deal and Save $30!

Buy a Walmart Branded Media Streamer for >$15

Walmart now sells their own house brand media streamer. It uses the Android Operating system. While there are many Android boxes for sale, you won’t find many this inexpensive. This is one of the lowest Android Streaming box we’ve seen yet. You can still install all those great Android apps, and enjoy tons of free streaming TV content. And for less than $15 these make great stocking stuffers. Especially for your cable TV connected friends. Get This Deal!

Save 20% on Mohu Antennas

Adding an antenna to your cord-cutting toolbox is one of the best things you can do to watch FREE TV. Mohu makes a nice line of sleek indoor antennas. They are low profile and can fit in easily with any decor. An antenna lets you watch Free Primetime HD Channels from local network affiliates. To Save 20% Check out this Scary Good Deal!

Adult Streaming TV Deals and Discounts

Don’t miss out on these great deals on Adult TV Channels. And watch on Roku or any media streamer with a browser. Channels offer free trials, special discounts and free previews. If you’re an adult, you can always find the latest deals on the sub-reddit Adult TV Streams.

In conclusion, you don’t always need to pay the full price for streaming television channel. With providers offering ongoing deals and discounts on streaming TV, there are many ways to save extra money.

Roku Porn Channels Discounts and Free Trials

Private Roku channels are still the best way to watch full-length adult movies on a big screen television. Here’s how to find great discounts and special promotions on Roku porn channels.

Many adult channels on Roku are now loading their library with stunning 4K content, full uncut movies, and no ads. Most all adult private channels require a subscription but several offer discounts and special savings on their channels throughout the year.

Some Roku adult channels also offer free limited time trials to let you watch anything available in their streaming library.

Unlike so many sites found online, Roku adult channels have professional studio grade movies that are of the highest quality. And they feature today’s hottest porn stars.

Roku adult channels feature thousands of adult films to cover every niche in the Adult TV Industry.

Best Roku Adult Channels

Top Roku Porn Channels

Private adult channels on Roku are private and they are not allowed to be listed in their channel store. Click here for the Full Adult XXX Roku private channels list.

Some adult channels offer FREE 3 – 7 day trials. So you can see how the channel works and the type of content they have before you commit to subscribe.

Don’t miss these popular private adult channels you can add and watch on your Roku









On this page, you can find monthly specials, promotions, and the latest deals and discounts from AdultEmpire Unlimited. They are one of the top adult channel developers on Roku. And their channels, like Netflix, feature a massive library of scenes and full-length adult movies. Their monthly unlimited plan lets you watch as much as you want without time limits and zero advertisements.

The best way to find the latest discounts on adult Roku movie channels is to join the Adult TV Streams sub-redit on Redit. There you will find current deals and discounts on Roku Porn channels as soon as they become available.

If you need help with adding private Roku channels, follow this step-by-step guide.

Lightning Proof and Protect Your Home Electronics

If you stuck your finger in an electrical socket, that provides electricity that turns on our electronics and makes them do fun stuff. You would receive a shock of electricity that is 120 Volts if you live in the U.S. A lightning strike can contain millions of volts. And sensitive electronic appliances, computers, TVs, streaming and television equipment, or any other household gadgets are no match. For any transient voltage surge to homes hit by lightning.

There are two levels of surge protection you can use for protecting your home. You will need to do a self-risk assessment of all your electronic equipment. This will help to determine what your needs are for your particular application.

What is Level One Surge Protection?

Level One Surge Protection will protect any equipment or appliances like a Dryer or Heat Pump that runs on 220-volts. Tyipically, this consists of hard wired equipment. Or it may have a plug that uses a much larger outlet than the typical 120-volt wall outlet used for a television, computer or other household small appliances.

You can add level one surge protection that will protect this equipment by having an electrcian add a 30 amp dedicate double pole breaker. Installed inside your main electrical panel with a panel wired surge protector attached.

Be Careful! Even though they may often refer to this type of protection as a “Whole House Surge Protector.” It’s still not a replacment for Level Two Surge Protection. Electrical spikes or voltage surges caused by lightning can enter your home by a cable TV, or telephone wire. And while this will protect from spikes caused by the power grid, it’s still may not fully protect your home from lightning.

What is Level Two Surge Protection?

Level Two devices a cord strips that plug into 120V electrical outlets. They usually contain 4 – 6 outlets to plug electroincs or other appiances into. These devices are then further protected. The higher quality units, have outlets for Network data and cable TV cables. Protecting multiple levels of equipment from costly voltage spikes.

These surge protectors as they are often called can be found in most department stores, or found online like this Panamax M4300-PM Home Theater Power Management 9-Outlet Surge Protector model which you can find some fantastic deals on eBay. Make sure that which ever type of surge protector you buy, it has a “Type 3, UL 1449” listing.

While owning these devices won’t guarentee everything would survive a direct lightning strike. It is cheap insurance that’s certainly better than nothing to protect sensitive elctronics. Some companies offer thousands of dollars free insurance when you buy thier device. Read the small print, and see what is covered and how to submit a claim.

For items like computers or NAS boxes that you would typically leave running all the time, a UPS contains the same surge protection, with the addition of batteries which will keep your devices running for a short period of time until they can be safely shutdown.

Cable’s Broadband Monopoly is Alive and Well

For those who may think Cable’s Broadband Monopoly will soon be over, not so fast. Sadly, big cable still has high-powered lobbies who are doing their best to stifle competition.

TechDirt a popular streaming TV blog recently wrote:

One of the nice things about being a telecom giant in a country with limited competition, feckless politicians and hog-tied regulators is there isn’t much in the way of accountability. As a major broadband provider like Charter or Comcast, you’re allowed to monopolize the telecom market, jack up prices, elbow out competitors, then lobby state and federal government to ensure nobody does anything about it. Hell, thanks to a timid press that can’t call a spade a spade, half the time nobody can even be bothered to point out that you’re a monopoly in the first place.


Big Cable’s Broadband Monopoly May Be Changing Soon

In many parts of the country, broadband options are still quite limited. Especially in rural areas. But this too will change soon. More cellular providers are coming online with unlimited data plans that can make streaming TV possible.

Starlink Will Deliver a Punishing Blow to Big Cable’s Broadband Monopoly

With Starlink going full stream ahead, already a half million new subscribers signed up for their beta program. We are about to experience a broadband revolution that will explode high-speed broadband for those currently left to do without. Not only in the USA, but across the globe.

But Starlink is not cheap, the equipment alone costs $500 dollars, then there is a hundred dollar monthly fee. But for those that have had to do without a fast Internet connection for so long now, the price of admission is worth it.

If cable execs are not yet worried about losing more customers to Starlink, they very well should be.

Before Cord Cutting Was A Thing The Industry Was Laughing At Us

If anyone can still remember the early days of cord-cutting, the industry naysayers were laughing. While at first, it started out as a little trickle, because of limited choices, and it was still quite difficult for the average person.

But then companies like Roku and Apple came out with media streamers that made cutting the cord a snap. And today that trickle turned into a mighty torrent of people cutting the cord for less expensive streaming TV options.

Cutting the cord is so much more than saving money alone. It’s about giving us freedom to choose the type of content we want to watch. And watching TV completely on our timetable. Rather than being forced to watch what the cable TV industry forces upon us. Seriously, don’t think for a second that they are laughing any more. Especially as more broadband options become available that will undoubtedly take another bite out of their cake, which they enjoyed all for themselves far too long.

Tubi TV Will Let You Watch 100% FREE TV

Check out Tubi TV to watch some great TV completely FREE!

Best Roku Porn Channels to Watch on Roku!

For watching adult movies, the sheer number of hidden Roku porn channels available on Roku sets it apart from pretty much any other media streamer. This makes Roku The Best Media Streamer for Watching Porn!

The days of renting adult movies from shady backrooms at your local video store are long gone. Now your TV along with a Roku media streamer is your ticket to an extensive library of adult films that you can stream anytime in the privacy of your own home.

With thousands of full length XXX movies to choose from, either in HD and now often in 4K and VR!

Don’t bother searching for Adult channels in the Roku Channel Store on your Roku, because you won’t find them. This was by design, because Roku mandated Adult channels may only exist as private channels on their platform. But Private Roku channels are still easy to add from direct “Add Channel” links or with private Roku channel codes.

All models in the following channels were at least 18 years old when filmed or photographed. The corresponding channel developers keep records, and more information is on their websites.

By adding these Roku channels, you must be an adult 18 years or older if you wish to view such material. 

  1. 1. Adult Empire Unlimited – offers one of the most extensive Roku Porn channels available. Their library of full uncut films is massive. They often refer to this channel as the Netflix of Porn. At last count, they offer an unmatched count of More Than 100,000 Movies & More Than 420,000 Scenes! Add Adult Empire Roku Channel

  2. 2. SugarInstant – has thousands of XXX movies available for streaming. Pay a low monthly fee, or even lower annual fee, and you watch as many adult movies as you want without limits. They also have a Pay Per View option to only pay for on demand. At one time, SugarInstant had the largest Adult DVD rental business available online. They have a Free unlimited 5/day trial to see everything this channel offers. Try a Free Trial!

  3. 3. VideoBox – is another popular Adult Roku channel. They also offer a free all you can watch 7/day trial. This gives you full access to their Roku channel and all their content. Their channel also has full-length HD movies featuring today’s hottest porn stars. Don’t miss the A-Z Porn Star Gallery when visiting the VideoBox website. This will show you pictures and trailers of every movie your favorite porn stars ever made. Get a Free 7/day Trial

  4. 4. Bang! – Is a newer Roku porn channel that has gained a large following. This channel also offers many great porn videos to watch on your TV in full HD and also in 4k. They offer a Free 2/day trial to Bang Prime. Prime lets you download any video on their site to add and keep in your own personal porn library forever. Take a Tour of Bang!

  5. 5. Hustler’s Barely Legal – Hustler while known for their hardcore porn magazine also offers several Adult channels on Roku. This channel features mainly sexy younger 18+ stars. Stream hundreds of uncut Hustler’s XXX HARDCORE HD movies. With this channel like the others here, you can stream as many adult movies as you want with no limits. Try it Now!

  6. 6. Score TV – They make it easy to stream porn on your TV with your Roku media player. You can choose from their extensive list of full-length XXX amateur, mature, MILF, and more adult movies. This channel is also home to their ever popular Big-Boob and Huge Tit movies. Visit ScoreTV

  7. 7. Naughty America – Is another popular Adult channel on Roku. They offer some creative ways to pay for membership, which includes PayPal, Crypto or trading them your unused gift cards. While they currently don’t offer a free trial. They let you try their channel for less than $2 for 3/days. Check out Naughty America

How to Remove Roku Porn Channels

There may come a time that you may want to remove channels you no longer watch. Removing channels from Roku is easy. Just press the [ * ] button on your Roku remote. This will pop up a menu, which lets you quickly delete the channel from your account.

Reminder: Any channel you add to your Roku is also added to every Roku under your account. For watching adult channels, it’s best to keep the Roku model you used to watch these channels under its own Roku account. This way other family members who should not have access to these channels won’t have them installed on their device.

Some Adult channel providers offer discrete app icons. It’s also a good idea to use them but still keep your Roku linked to its own account.

WAIT THERE ARE MORE ADULT CHANNELSSee the extensive full list of Adult Roku Porn Channels here!

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For more streaming news, channels, tips and more, be sure to visit news.tvstreamin.com

This page has 1900+ Private Roku Codes listed, along with step-by-step instruction on how to add private channels to your Roku. It will help you find more great Roku channels for your Roku that you may otherwise miss.

Just Added! Roku Porn Channels Deals and Discounts