Cable’s Broadband Monopoly is Alive and Well

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For those who may think Cable’s Broadband Monopoly will soon be over, not so fast. Sadly, big cable still has high-powered lobbies who are doing their best to stifle competition.

TechDirt a popular streaming TV blog recently wrote:

One of the nice things about being a telecom giant in a country with limited competition, feckless politicians and hog-tied regulators is there isn’t much in the way of accountability. As a major broadband provider like Charter or Comcast, you’re allowed to monopolize the telecom market, jack up prices, elbow out competitors, then lobby state and federal government to ensure nobody does anything about it. Hell, thanks to a timid press that can’t call a spade a spade, half the time nobody can even be bothered to point out that you’re a monopoly in the first place.


Big Cable’s Broadband Monopoly May Be Changing Soon

In many parts of the country, broadband options are still quite limited. Especially in rural areas. But this too will change soon. More cellular providers are coming online with unlimited data plans that can make streaming TV possible.

Starlink Will Deliver a Punishing Blow to Big Cable’s Broadband Monopoly

With Starlink going full stream ahead, already a half million new subscribers signed up for their beta program. We are about to experience a broadband revolution that will explode high-speed broadband for those currently left to do without. Not only in the USA, but across the globe.

But Starlink is not cheap, the equipment alone costs $500 dollars, then there is a hundred dollar monthly fee. But for those that have had to do without a fast Internet connection for so long now, the price of admission is worth it.

If cable execs are not yet worried about losing more customers to Starlink, they very well should be.

Before Cord Cutting Was A Thing The Industry Was Laughing At Us

If anyone can still remember the early days of cord-cutting, the industry naysayers were laughing. While at first, it started out as a little trickle, because of limited choices, and it was still quite difficult for the average person.

But then companies like Roku and Apple came out with media streamers that made cutting the cord a snap. And today that trickle turned into a mighty torrent of people cutting the cord for less expensive streaming TV options.

Cutting the cord is so much more than saving money alone. It’s about giving us freedom to choose the type of content we want to watch. And watching TV completely on our timetable. Rather than being forced to watch what the cable TV industry forces upon us. Seriously, don’t think for a second that they are laughing any more. Especially as more broadband options become available that will undoubtedly take another bite out of their cake, which they enjoyed all for themselves far too long.

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