Broadband Choices Suck and it’s almost 2021!

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Anyone that thinks monopolies are a good idea just needs to take a close look at our limited broadband Internet providers. We are a country that can send a satellite to Mars, put a man on the Moon, and are building quantum computers.

So why is high-speed Internet not yet available to a large segment of our rural population? In most cases even when it is available, there is only one broadband provider.

It’s sad that here we are almost 1/4 the way through this century and even though our broadband Internet in the USA is getting faster. Back in 2018, the FCC International Broadband Data Report shows we were rated “Worst” among developed countries for how much we are being charged for broadband Internet.

Now fast forward almost 4 years later and we still have pretty much the same speeds for those lucky enough to have a high-speed broadband provider. But we also get to pay much higher prices than we did for the same service we had in 2018.

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SpaceX To The Rescue?

2021 may end up being a really good year. SpaceX has been launching low altitude satellites all across the globe.

Currently, they are only beta testing specific areas, and early reports are very optimistic. Because until SpaceX, satellite Internet was nothing to write home about. They cap your data at around 100 GB then seriously throttle your connection speed. SpaceX has no data cap as of yet.

Existing satellite Internet is also much slower compared to 50 to 70 Mbps download speeds available on SpaceX. When it comes to latency, SpaceX is also much lower. Low latency is better because live videos streams and Zoom calls need this.

The only downside is SpaceX charges $100/month. But it comes with unlimited data. And the equipment required will cost another $300.

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