Best VPN for Fire Stick and Android TV

7 Reasons Fire Stick, Fire TV and Android Owners Must Use a Good VPN!

Not all VPNs are equal! Protect streaming activities online with the best VPN for Fire Stick, Fire TV, and Android Streaming Devices.

Why Use a VPN?

A FIRE STICK is a great way to find a lot of Free content using Kodi or other apps. Using it incorrectly can end up being very expensive! Because Streaming FREE Kodi TV without a VPN is like Playing Russian Roulette.

1. Beware of Apps That Use Torrents

Some Fire Stick and Android apps download from torrent sources. And this can end up being a very costly mistake.

Using Torrents is much different than streaming. Because when using torrents to download movies or TV shows it broadcasts the the IP address. Torrents also share content with other users while downloading. And most people sued or fined are for sharing copyrighted content by using torrents.

Hollywood and large media companies don’t take kindly to anyone sharing movies and TV shows. Especially when it cost them millions to produce. And file sharers can sometimes get hit with fines costing several thousand dollars when their IP address is logged.

A VPN protects online activities from Internet Providers. And it’s like a blindfold for snooping ISPs.

2. A VPN Stops Geo Blocks

Bypassing Geo Blocked content is another good reason to use the best VPN for a Fire Stick, Android or other media streamer. Because many countries do not offer a lot of the same shows and movies. And many more TV shows and movies can be watched freely with a VPN.

A VPN changes the IP address of a Router or Streaming Device. And changing the IP address to that of another country can unlock more content.

A VPN not only unblock TV shows and Movies. It also works great to bypass Sports Blackouts. Learn How to ByPass Sports Blackouts with a VPN!

3. Keep Data Secure on Guest Networks

Travelers spending a lot of time using a free Guest Internet at Hotels and Airports are at risk of getting their passwords and user accounts stolen. Unencrypted guest network connections let hackers sniff network traffic to steal passwords, account numbers and pins. This can lead to identity theft or drained bank accounts. And stolen passwords also can give hackers access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and other streaming TV accounts.

4. Safely Use Apps Like Kodi

While using Kodi, is perfectly legal. But, adding repos or add-ons that show full copyright content is not and could end up causing problems when your ISP notices. Because Cable Companies must comply with content producers. And if they get a letter stating some of their customers are downloading or torrenting copyright protected content. Watch out, because they most certainly will be reaching out. And that can be unnerving.

5. Bypass Government Censoring

Certain countries like the UK, soon will be censoring Adult TV Content. And this year to watch porn, all adults living in the UK need to sign a waiver to access it online.

Content is restricted in many other countries around the world. And a VPN bypasses this nonsense by changing an IP address to that from another country. And it unblocked website for easy access.

6. Stop Internet Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is the deliberate slowing of an Internet connection by an ISP provider. And an Internet connection can be slowed down when a cable customer visits competing sites like Netflix or Hulu instead of using the sites owned by the broadband company.

Now the Net Neutrality is dead, broadband providers may throttle their users more.

A VPN hides online activity from an ISP. So they have no idea, what their customers are up to online. And an Internet Provider can’t throttle what they can’t see. A VPN is like a blindfold for Internet Providers.

7. Bypass Blocked Websites at Work or Schools

Many employers use web filtering to block access to certain websites. And a VPN can be used to bypass these filters. Because a VPN creates a Virtual Private Network between the computer and the VPN provider. And the IT Police can’t monitor online activities while using a VPN.

Best VPN for Fire Stick, Fire TV and Android Boxes

There are many VPN providers available. And not all are created equally. Some VPN providers log all activity. But the better ones like IPVanish don’t retain logs.

A VPN is not a license to commit crimes online. No VPN will risk going out of business to protect major criminal offenses. But for simply watching a movie in another country, bypassing censoring or throttling and downloading torrents safely. A good VPN is perfect for this.

Give IP Vanish a try. Because not only do they offer amazing savings, they also have a full 7/day money back guarantee.

Click here to learn more about IPVanish! And protect online activities with the Best VPN for Fire Stick and Android streaming devices.

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